10 Common Google Ad Mistakes You Really Need To Avoid

Google allows you to create campaigns that help achieve your objectives, maximize your spend and reach the right audience. However, humans are prone to err and if you notice that you have made some mistakes in your campaign setup, you need to rework on it. The mistakes are easy to fix and can help you build successful campaigns. Here are the common Google ad mistakes you need to avoid.

1) No proper keyword research before starting the campaign

This is a very common mistake most marketers make. You execute the keyword research and feel that you have enough high-volume, relevant keywords that will lead to conversions, but you do not see conversions. You have only picked up a few top-performing keywords and have not carried out thorough research before starting the campaign.

2) Choosing the wrong keyword match types

Choosing keywords in broad-match will lead to impressions but will not get you leads. Broad match allows the ads to trigger several variations of the keywords and it will only show up your ad in loosely related queries. You need to get specific with keywords to get high results.

3) Going for automated conversion bid strategy without properly placing conversion codes

Marketers are aware of the fact that you need to place conversion codes to maximize the visibility and conversion of the ad. If you do not place conversion codes, it will be placed through the automated conversion bid strategy and will only waste your budget.

4) Not building remarketing lists

Remarketing lists help you customize the search ads campaign for those who have already visited the site. It allows advance targeting and will help you decide whom to show the ad. If you do not make the remarketing list, you will end up showing your ad to the same people again and again.

5) Not taking advantage of Ad extensions

A lot of business owners are aware of the site link extension where you allow people to be taken to certain pages on the site. There are many ad extensions for your use and they show additional information with your ad. Not taking complete advantage of Ad extensions is a huge mistake you are making because they are very advantageous to your ad.

6) Not building negative directory

Negative keywords can be easily forgotten until they cost you money. They are certain keywords that you do not want to trigger your ad. Most marketers make a mistake of forgetting negative keywords and it makes your campaign ineffective. Add negative to spare the budget and eliminate unqualified leads.

7) Building only a single copy of the ad for an ad group

It is easy to think that one ad is enough to crush the competition and get you a higher rank in Google’s Ad Rank algorithm. The ad might be perfect with the right keywords but the matter is that testing is important. When you create multiple ad variations, you get more chances to get it right.

8) Running ads 24/7 without properly analyzing the business and budget. Not using Ad schedule

Using an ad schedule is an ideal way to ensure that your ad runs at the right time and reaches the right audience. Your audience is not online 24/7 and you need to schedule the ad when maximum users are online.

9) Bidding same across all locations

Bidding is an important aspect of a successful Google ad and if you bid right, you are halfway there. You need to learn the art of bidding and get the maximum for your budget. A huge mistake most people tend to make is to bid the same across every location and it does not generate high results.

10) Using the same keywords in ad groups that can add to redundancy and waste budget

Keywords are crucial but using the same keywords in the ad will only make it redundant. You need to have a list of all the keywords you can use for the ad in order to maximize the budget.

Keep these 10 Google Ad mistakes in mind and avoid them so as to generate high conversions.

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