out of box marketing ideas for 2017You all have made up various resolutions for New Year but what’s new have you thought in your marketing strategies? Well, wait a second, this time rather than discussing about the regular online marketing options like Paid marketing, social media marketing Or Content Marketing, why don’t you think of some out of the box marketing ideas to work in 2017. Let’s discuss a few of them here:

1.Focus on User-Generated Content: People will promote you and they won’t even know about it. Confused how? Well here we are talking about getting some free advertising for your business this year.

This can be done by targeting Social Media Platforms where you can find maximum number of users active these days. The only effort you need to do is, encourage people enough that they themselves take you business message to the various other people using the Social Media. The reason why other users will trust your message more when endorsed by their friends is because they know that their friends are not your employees and still they are suggesting the brand that means there is something very good in your brand. User-generated content, if done in a right manner then you can get infinite benefits and ROI, without any money being invested. Few ways to encourage User Generated Content is by announcing a Best Picture Contest where you can ask your customers to share their pictures with your products using certain hashtags and you can offer a free gift or certain percent discount who wins the contest.

2.Video Marketing: Believe it or not but the fact it is that video certainly attracts a user more than anything else, that’s why Video is still considered as one of the best ways of Online Marketing. One of the other reasons why you should go for video promotions is that as compared to other online marketing strategies, it offers longevity. Currently 42% is watching videos but by 2017 end 69% of the Digital traffic will be binge-watching videos, when you know this then as a marketer use this information to the optimum for promoting your brand. It’s not necessary that a promotional video has to be too long, you can summarize the important business message in a brief manner also.

3.Keep Customers Foremost by offering them Customized Products: Whether you are selling goods or offering services, you have to make it as people want it from you. If you are selling something then understand your customer’s needs and on that basis try to make various customized combinations. When people know that no one else is providing such attractive products which can be customized exactly to their needs then they won’t be able to resist themselves from purchasing from you.

Try out these amazing out of the box Digital Marketing ideas and watch the positive change in your online business this year.

List of three out of box marketing ideas to work in 2017
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