Marketing Strategy for IT/ITES Companies

Marketing Strategy IT/ITES Companies

Marketing Strategy IT/ITES Companies

We are all aware of the rapid increase in competition for attention on digital channels lately. This has transformed the decisions of tech companies on choosing the right channels to increase their sales funnel. Today, the ability to connect and pursue a client is a big challenge for businesses in the B2B sector. It is, in fact, the sole way that can lead an IT business to its success.

How can an IT company maximise returns on its marketing investments? What are the strategies that will help them make potential clients and a leader in the industry? One needs to come up with unique decisions and strategies that build your business credibility. Not just one, but a business needs to come up with a blend of strategies for their ultimate success. Here are some tips you must follow:

1.) Define your target market and customer behaviour

You must know the market you are targeting. Putting efforts as a whole without realising your targets may lower down your returns. Defining the target audience means understanding who would be benefited from your services. Also, identify how the customers in your target market behave. For example, if you’ve launched new software and sell it across various companies, identify their behaviour. For instance, giant companies may expect a bigger database in the software, while the start-ups may not require such a big space. Consequently, the giant companies may be ready to invest hugely whereas the start-up may not. Thus, the market behaviour helps you modify your product, identify the price changes and sell better.

2.) Create whitepaper, product demo videos using collected data

The product or service you generate will only be sold if you can generate the required demand among the target customers. An apt way to showcase your products and services is by creating a whitepaper. You could develop product demo videos that help people understand how the presence of your product can do wonders of their company. The demo shall also explain how to use the product.

3.) Provide solution and answers on Quora, Reddit, Stack Overflow, etc.

There are multiple forums like Quora, Reddit, Stack Overflow, etc. where people are seeking answers to the something you may know. Answering them enhances your credibility as well as allows you to prove the relevance of your services. However, make sure you provide the questions with genuine answers with a small call-to-action to the end.

4.) Create blogs

Blogs are the best ways to communicate your thoughts and solutions to the issues faced by the target buyers. Use blogging as a source to spread a word about your services. Make sure you also fill up your blog posts with tips and tricks that people would love to read.

5.) Re-engage with clients through Re-marketing

It is easier to get back your previous customers since they are already aware of your products and services. Having a real experience of the same, they are likely to get attracted to your offers faster. Email marketing is one of the ideal ways to re-engage with clients by offering them exclusive discounts or innovations and launches.

6.) Use power of forums, groups on Facebook and LinkedIn

As discussed above, popular forums like Quora and Reddit are a great way to communicate. Similarly, always consider generating an engagement through social media posts. You could create or join relevant groups on LinkedIn and Facebook. Once posted, always address the comments of the readers and address their concerns. These small efforts definitely lead to substantial returns.

Final Words

B2B marketing is all about making your customer realise the importance of a product or service. As an IT/ITES company, creating engagement in various ways is the sole marketing strategy to lead your business to success.

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