tweet chat

Twitter has become one of the favorite places for people to join in conversations online. People across the world come together on Tweet chat to have conversations around their specific topics of interests.

Many businesses and brands take keen interest in it as it helps in attracting new followers, building relationships and boosting community engagement. Do you want to know how to create tweet chat. Certainly, it requires an excellent promotion strategy to draw the attention of people and making them attend a Twitter chat.

Here are few ways which one can consider to promote a tweet chat:

  • Promote organically through Twitter or Paid Boost- Promoting Twitter chats organically includes finding the best time to promote and reaching out to the influencers. Using Twitter Ads and other paid mediums can be used for better results. It plays an important role in monetizing and gaining more followers. Apart from this, one should choose wisely among paid mediums as all that glitters is not gold.
  • Put it on your social media posts(All platforms) – Promote your chat on all the social media platforms, not just Twitter. Consider letting everyone know about the Twitter chat at least 10 days before. Remind everyone and create curiosity by tweeting about it once a day till the scheduled date of Twitter chat. Few ideas on what should be the pre-event tweets-
  • Registration opens now
  • Registration is ending soon so get yourself registered right away
  • Date and time
  • Guess the topic (hinting the topic of Twitter chat)
  • Thanks sponsors (mention names)
  • See you guys soon! (mention your registrants)
  • Thanks for sharing (mention anyone who shared your tweet), etc.
  • Promote through Facebook events-Facebook is another popular platform used by millions on a regular basis. Senda Facebook event invite in order to ask people to join the conversation and remember the date. This will make sure they come on the scheduled date.In order to make it trending, hashtags related to Twitter chat can be created and used to promote.
  • Send mail if you have your Email database- In case you have the email database of followers, sending mails to promote is a great option.  There are some tools that can be used for convenience such as mailchimp or Constant connect tools as it makes the task of sending mails to everyone in one go much easier. This will help in saving the time to send mails to everyone manually.

Incorporating the right promotion strategy according to the business type and niche definitely makes a visible difference. Additionally, efficient management is vital for a successful Twitter chat and having an edge over other business giants.

How to Promote Tweet chat