4 Advanced Linkedin Strategies To Opt For 2020 For B2B Marketing

Advanced LinkedIn Strategies

You might not be aware of the power of LinkedIn, but you want to recognize your brand to other companies. Once you start using LinkedIn, you will surely get amazed with its offerings and results. LinkedIn is a professional social network platform with a wide variety of job searching, inspirational news, and obviously, consider as a wealth of opportunity. To set mark your brand amongst your competitors or other organizations, you can do B2B (Business to Business) marketing by using this platform. It is being done by connecting with more clients in order to generate lead, sales, and eventually make your brand stand out. So, if you are not adequately aware of some advanced LinkedIn strategies which you can opt for B2B marketing, so we have got you covered already!

1) Don’t Limit Yourself With A Company Page. It’s Time for Showcase!

Yes, you have heard it right! Showcase pages on LinkedIn let you break out of your overarching texts. By using this feature, you will get numerous benefits such as- analytics insights, appear more in search results, associate employees with a company profile, post jobs to your company pages, and get a vanity URL.

2) Make An Active LinkedIn Group

Social networking sites are an ideal platform for people to meet, chat, and learn. What could be more exciting than making connections with people and share the same passions and interests? By launching a LinkedIn group, you can effectively disseminate the word about your brand organically. For that, you will need to establish an admin who can oversee your page. You can post at least once a week but make sure that 80% of your messages should be about industry-related topics and 20% about your business offerings. 

3) Publish Relatable Content

LinkedIn offers a platform where can post content that should be powerful and impactful to its readers. Start posting about employees’ things that should be inspiring to others if you are literally serious about B2B marketing. The objective behind this is to turn your strategy from outbound marketing by drawing attention through ads and draw more eyes in what you have to offer.

4) Optimize Your Brand Page for More Searches

Remember that optimization is not only being used for Google, Bing, or Yahoo. It’s also beneficial on LinkedIn. When you post content about your company or employees, you need to use some specific keywords in order to reach more readers. You can do that by sprinkling some keywords throughout your content to make your page or content pop up in the LinkedIn home page or searches and get found by the right people. Also, be sure to use relative keywords.

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