5 Social Media Trends For 2019

There is almost $40 billion spent on social media advertising to sell their services. Active users on social media include more than 3 billion active users. These are the facts to know before stepping into 2019.

There is no shortage of changes in the social media realm in include the last few months and check out how social media marketing is going to evolve in 2019. Hop on to cherish the results by following them.

Know About this New Target market:

If you are a millennial, step aside and give way to people of Generation Z. (born in mid-1900 to early 2000.) Now the marketing efforts are focused on this young generation. Especially retail business is targeting these people with pop up stores and events. So, every business starts creating more intimate and personalized customer experiences for 2019.

Social Listening for Brands

Brands are going to use social listening tools to maintain brand health. This helps them to enhance their customer service using the sentiment analytics. Also enables to generate engaging content and create new marketing campaigns as per the interests, queries of the target audience. By following the social listening tools, it is easy to increase the conversation rate by almost 90%.

Potential of Customizable Chatbots:

Chatbots are helpful to communicate effectively with customers, provide solutions to customers’ issues. ¬†There are hundreds of messenger bots on Facebook today. All these are used to resolve customer issues, provide the necessary service information and help to make more sales. We can expect to get many such customized chatbots in the future.

Snack Ads:

These are short videos in the span of 10seconds. Customers show interest in these sorts of ads. So almost all the brands will be investing in bringing up such effective videos. These videos grab customer attention and engage them.

Influencer Marketing:

There is a lot of influx in the last couple of years for influencer marketing. Almost every service is getting partnered with these influencers and gaining benefits. The importance of these in follower celebrities is increasing in social media marketing. Long term relationships are bringing organic endorsements for the companies.

Scope of Virtual and Augmented Reality:

Now it is the realm of geo-filters. it started with Snapchat and now almost every social platform is tickled with the AI, augmented reality features. In 2019, many such trends will surely grow. The experts state that there will be almost 62% of increase in the market value of augmented reality in the coming 5 years.

The next big change could be the importance of mobile marketing. Customers are using their mobiles more compared to desktops. With this, there will be surely an increase in the advertising spend on mobiles. Customers who search the local stores on mobiles are clearly going there with in the next 24 hours. And there are more than 1.2 billion mobile users worldwide. With this, the importance of mobile marketing is clear.