5 Tips To Prepare For Voice Search SEO

Voice Search SEO

The way people do the online search is changing dramatically. Today more and more consumers are utilizing the voice search on the mobile phones, tablets or the voice assistants for searching information on the internet. According to a research, around 60% of the total searches are now performed on the mobile devices only as users find it quite easy to search through their voice rather than typing on the small screen. This means even the SEO experts have to think differently about Voice Search SEO of their content as now they have to optimize the content for the voice searches as well as for the virtual assistants too.

Few of the ways to optimize content for voice search SEO:

     1. Gain an insight about your target consumers

The way people speak is quite different from the way they write. Therefore it is the contextual as well as the conversational searches which will be gaining more relevance with the evolution of the voice search. Companies need to research their target consumer well as in their speech pattern, Language, long tail search terms etc to optimize better.

     2. Optimize your website for mobile search

People today are increasingly using the mobile apps and voice assistants for carrying out the voice search. The context of the mobile search is something which is quite different from the way search is done on the desktop devices. Google has already come up with two of the updates related to the mobile-friendly algorithms. To optimize better websites need to have faster loading time. They can also benefit from Accelerated Mobile Pages as Google now adopts mobile first indexing and pages optimized for this platform would be preferred.

     3. Create FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) pages

The marketer can utilize the frequent consumer queries as well as other information that has been collected over a period of time for the creation of the FAQ pages. You are required to create the content which actually answers the questions that might be asked by your target consumers. Although it seems to be quite a daunting task but the FAQ pages and the content snippets can help your website to actually show up in the voice search results.

     4. Structured Data Mark-up

You have to utilize the structured data mark-up through the application of the most appropriate schemes in order to impart the voice search devices for more amount of information about the site and the content. It is quite crucial for the website as it provides specific information and enables the search engines to parse the content along with gaining a complete understanding of the context too.

     5. Conversational Keywords

The keywords which would be used in the voice searches will be long tail keywords. This means that it will include the conversational phrases which will be added while carrying out the optimization for the conversational voice search.

Wrapping Up

It is quite certain that the year 2018 will be holding quite a great shift towards the voice search. But the Voice Search SEO Keyword Research strategies are quite different from the traditional ways of doing the keyword research. Due to the up stick among the consumers for utilizing the voice for searching online, you are required to get your website and content ready for it now.