6 Ways Hospital can Use Social Media

6 Ways Hospital Can Use Social Media

6 Ways Hospital Can Use Social Media

How social media can help healthcare organizations to communicate with their patients in a better way?

Today social media is widely utilized by the consumers and businesses to stay connected, communicate and also to market their products and services. With the evolution of social media and its reach to a wider number of people, even the hospitals are not left behind. The social media platforms provide an opportunity to the healthcare organizations to impact the health outcomes on the wider scale. Recent research has indicated that around 42% of the patients look up at the reviews of health care providers, treatments as well as the products before making a final decision. If you are willing to dig your toe in the social media channels but you don’t know how to proceed, here is a way to boost your social media presence and make most out of your social media campaign.

    1. Make patients your brand ambassadors

The patients who have an amazing experience while they are treated at your organization can actually become your brand ambassador. You can ask them to post their experience on the social networking sites and this will enable your brand to come alive in the digital world. Even the testimonials of the successful cases can be posted on your organization’s site.

    2. Create awareness of all specialties and facilities at hospital

Patients these days have the tendency to rely on the information about a hospital which is found on the internet. Communicate about the specialties and facilities that are offered by your health organization on the public forums, website and Facebook page. It is essential for the health care service providers to remain active on the social media platforms about all their specialties and help the consumers to make informed decision.

   3. Engage audience by creating health contests on social media

This is one of the most effective ways to engage the target audience. The heath care companies can organize health contests from time to time and run in on the social media channels. Then the prize can also be distributed to the followers on the Facebook, Twitter or any of the other networking sites once they reach to an expected number of the followers.

  4. Communicate during the time of crisis

During the time of crisis, the healthcare organizations can utilize the social media channels to extend minute by minute information to all the consumers. The hospitals are in a position to actually deliver the updates about the capacity of the hospital, operational status, access to the emergency rooms and that too in real time.

  5. Put a light on your award-winning clinicians

The staff is actually the heart of an organization and people choose a healthcare organization on the basis of the caliber of its staff and information that they can find about the doctors. Recognize the outstanding and award-winning physicians and nurses on the social media platforms.

  6. Post about CSR initiative undertaken by Hospital

The hospitals can communicate the meaningful stories and can also educate people about it. The target audience will be engaged with a cause that will actually touch them. This will also provide a forum for the healthcare company to showcase their vision. You can try to get everyone in the hospital engaged in the community work. The clinicians can also share their piece of advice on the health and the wellness which can be posted on the page of your organization’s site.

Solid social media strategy and digital health tools can be utilized for better and more effective engagement of patients

The above mentioned tips on the utilization of the social media can help the healthcare organizations to communicate with patients in a better way. But you have to come up with a solid social media strategy and utilize the digital health tools for better and more effective engagement of the patients. Do check out our Blog where we discuss marketing ideas for hospital.