A complete guide for disabled Facebook Ad Account

Imagine, you got up one day, reached for your coffee, opened your laptop to get on with your campaign and you see a red alert border saying “your account is restricted”. Doesn’t that make you feel a lil sad and annoyed at the same time?

 Now that you have managed to land upon this article, you can sit back and continue sipping on your coffee while reading this to resolve this issue of yours. 

Before arriving at the solution, let’s have a little background to get an insight into why Facebook has suspended your ad?

There could be two reasons for this, firstly, Your Facebook ID must have been blocked and secondly, your account must have stepped on the red lines of Facebook’s policies.

So now how to make those red lines green again? 

  1. Assure that your ad was NOT falling on the following dimensions : 

1.1 Functionality absence: Avoid incorporating all those functionalities not present in advertising images, like arrow keys, notification alerts, play buttons, checkboxes and more.

1.2 Inappropriate Business Conduct: Completely refrain from promoting services, schemes, products, or offers through fraud and deceptive methods. These also include advertisements intended for scammers or personal information stealing.

1.3Respect Trademark Names: Avoid including logos or trademark names, this happens a lot with brands that sell counterfeit or imported products (like shoes, makeup or cell phones. However, if it is absolutely important to mention them, then, in that case, it is recommended to cover some part of the logo in the graphic. The same applies to all of Facebook’s commercial assets, including Facebook names, logos, Instagram, WhatsApp, etc.

2. Make sure that there were no repeated rejections of your ad, if that’s the case then they might review your account and for that time being your account will be disabled.

3. Comprehensible Landing Pages: This means, that there should be ad-related content present on the destination link. It is a must to give out whatever is advertised. Ensure that there is no error in loading the page and do not add misleading text and malicious ads.

4. Look into your Billing Amount

The existence of malfunction in the loan or payment method is another reason to deactivate your advertising account. Go and check for errors in your billing section. If you do find such errors from your end then you can call your bank and contact Facebook Support if your card doesn’t work.

Now that you can put your hands on what might have led your account to be deactivated, you can follow the following ways to recover your Facebook Ad Account.

1. Appeal

If you have no such errors in your ad then it might be their system’s algorithms that check your ads for compliance could be inaccurate. So, the best way out of it is to appeal to Facebook and explain to them that your account complied with all their policies and request them for a review. Throughout this process, you should keep in mind that Facebook being a large organization may take 23 to a few business days to respond to your request.

2. Make a new business account

You can always create a new ad account if you need to get your ads running again, whether your appeal has already been rejected or you’re still waiting for the response, you can always go for this alternative. 

However in some situations, the blocked user is not allowed to create a new account then you can ask a colleague or friend with a different Facebook ID, to provide you with admin permissions. But always remember that this option has a significant disadvantage as well. For example, you will not have any access left to custom audiences that you’ve created with your old page. So first ask yourself, is it really worth all the risk?

Even if you take the above approach, You should always resort to doing this only as a last availing option. Respecting guidelines should be your first approach.

Now, if you have made a new account to get your work started, you should remember the following tips:

  • Always run those ads that comply with Facebook’s advertising policies.
  • Avoid immediate launching of your campaigns.
  • Make sure to use a credit card that is not connected to a disabled ad account.
  • In your first campaign, avoid creating too many ads.
  • Begin with promoting only safe content.
  • Do not keep changing your funding source.
  • Maintain your credit card’s validity with available credit.
  • It is best not to use chargebacks on your credit card or PayPal account against Facebook.
  • Make your ads on the locations from where you usually use Facebook.
  • Avoid promoting poorly optimized landing pages.

What to do in the case your Facebook ad gets rejected?

You have two options in this case:

  • You can review and edit your ad: For this, you first have to identify the reason for your rejection. An email will be sent to you by Facebook explaining the cause of your ad’s rejection. You can make the changes accordingly and submit them for review.
  • If you cannot find why your ad has been rejected, request a review. You can also ask them to explain the reasons or revise it if you have complied with all the rules. Additionally, you can take the help of the support channel and send an email for your subject issue.

What else cannot be promoted on Facebook?

Under any circumstances following content should be avoided:

  • Content violating community norms such as suicide, nudity, sexual exploitation, violence, criminal activity, harassment, hate speech, misrepresentation of identity.
  • Products or services which are illegal
  • Discrimination
  • Prohibited products or services such as weapons, adult content tobacco, drugs, prescription drugs.
  • Content violating other people’s rights such as trademark copyright, etc.
  • Inaccurate, or controversial, sensational, misleading content.
  • Health ads, showing miraculous results.
  • Incorrect landing page
  • Loan announcements that are short term.
  • Minimal investment from multi-level marketing and other businesses.
  • Announcements from auctions
  • It also does not allow promoting sexually charged dating sites 
  • In some countries such as Afghanistan or Egypt, alcohol advertising is strictly prohibited.

Taking help of chat option that is visible on your account

It is suggested to have the following information when using this option to retrieve a Facebook account: 

  • Ad Account ID
  • The rejected ad
  • Case number- as it is a record of your conversation with the Facebook agent who will attend to you.

This method works in a few simple steps with all the above information: 

1. Look for Facebook Business Chat first

2. Then find the ‘First Steps’ option and click on it

3. Choose the option ‘Chat with Representative’

Now you can mention the issue you have to the agent which will help them to assist you in figuring out what might have gone wrong in your ad. On this note, they may request a manual review through the platform where the chances of having any error are less.

So, cooperating in resolving any issue and also staying updated about all the data and information will give you a better chance of retrieving your Disabled Fb Ad account.

Finally, you have thoroughly read this complete guide. Hopefully, you will be able to recover your Disabled Facebook Ad Account. We wish you all the very best! Don’t forget to share how much this article helped you in getting back your disabled Facebook ad account. We are eagerly waiting for your response. You can also share what we can add to improve our guide and comment below in case you have any further queries.