A complete guide for Quora marketing strategy for your business growth

Quora is a platform that is able to bring you traffic and customers in lakhs without spending tons of amounts in paid ads due to which all the top marketers create various quora marketing strategies. For the past few years quora has been considered as the best questions and answers sites. It is a site where questions ranging from “Which country is going to win the next world cup” to “How to generate high quality traffic for the website” are asked by many users.

There are chances that you have used quora at least once in your life or maybe you are a regular user but have you ever thought that how a questions & answers site can help you in growing your business and how it affects the presence of your business among your competitors.

Why does your business need Quora marketing strategy?

Quora Marketing Strategy

Many of my clients asked me how quora would be helpful in getting higher quality leads. Now the answer is it’s the best platform for organic traffic, brand awareness, credibility and improving your business goodwill in the long run.

Your business will get visibility as you can share the content and drive interested people to your site which will reduce the junk rate on your site. Sharing questions and answers clear doubts about different brands, products and services.

Quora is a source of higher reach to your potential clients who are unaware of your brand and how you can help them solve a problem that they are facing in their current situation. Not only this but it is also a platform that helps you in remarketing existing products or new ones.

However if you think just sharing the content is not sufficient, the answer is NO. 

Like any other marketing strategy whether it’s content writing or social media you need quora marketing strategy as well so that among 300 million monthly users of quora you get your share of the audience belonging to your niche otherwise just sharing content without strategy is like shooting arrows in the dark room.

Now let’s move to how you get the best out of quora and what are the tactics that skyrocket your growth via quora.

Top Quora Marketing Strategies

Top Quora Marketing Strategies

1. Create an excellent profile

The first step in every social platform is creating a profile which is essential whether you are an individual, organization or institution. However quora is a platform where creating a profile with a brand name is difficult, only individuals can create their profile. Because you have to showcase your true identity in case of any suspicion your account will be blocked by quora.

In quora you can add your bio whose first 50 characters  will be displayed as a tagline in which you can add more details like for which company you work and also add the link so that whosoever sees your profile visit the website as well.

If you click your profile there is a column of know about section where you can add different topics or niches in which your business deals or show your qualifications which assist quora in sending relevant questions to you asked by other users.

Once you fill the know about section with different topics now the next step is to fill the rest of your profile.

·     Location: Exact location or city where you live or visit frequently.

·         Your employment and education credential to let people know from which university or college you completed your graduation.

·         A professional & magnificent profile picture.

·         A little detailed description section should include what’s your role in the organization, what your organization does and also the link to the website. You can also add images here.

A complete Profile on quora shows more credibility and authenticity to the users, helps gaining more followers and adds much value when you give answers to people’s queries.

2. Find the most relevant questions using Quora

Quora Questions
If you want to get results from answering questions the most important part is to know which questions to answer that are worth your quora marketing strategy. There are millions of questions that exist in quora and on a daily basis people are asking thousands of questions to clear their doubts and solve problems.
But your goal of writing answers should be to show that you are an expert in that subject matter.

Now to find relevant questions in quora is to use the search bar to type the keyword or directly type the questions that you think your customers can ask, by doing this quora also show the related questions as well.Then choose 

 Points to be noted for quora marketing:

Choose the relevant topic: The topic you are choosing for writing answers should be able to generate leads as well; giving answers to irrelevant questions in which your business is not involved or belongs to a different industry is an unnecessary waste of time as it takes effort to write accurate answers on quora. Having examples and case studies in answers showing facts and figures result in more upvotes.

Write answers to new questions: Don’t just focus on the questions that are more popular in your niche because the same queries will be answered by your competitors as well, try to find new & unique questions to show your competence. Those unique questions can result in conversions.

3. How to write answers with passion

Once you find out which are the suitable questions to give answers, the next big thing is to write answers that are simple, easily understandable, exact, right & informative. Just writing two/three lines is usually not sufficient if somebody is asking “what are some of the best android phones in 2022.”

It would be better if you answer the question as quickly as possible after it’s been posted by the user.  It will eliminate the competition and you have your own things to write-up. Plus adding images and emojis will help more to engage.

If the user is asking a question which requires writing very deep and long answers and you have a blog on the website for the same queries so after writing two/three paragraphs you can add a link in the end to redirect to the blog. But don’t add links in the first or second lines of answer as nowadays quora is deleting, hiding and collapsing answers which is considered by quora that these answers need improvement due to promotional content, wrong answers and other errors.

Try to write answers in the form of lists or small paragraphs, answers written in long paragraphs  seem bulky & make users reluctant to go further.

Add graphs, pie charts and humorous images to grab the attention and you can also add call to action at the end of answers. For instance, visit our website to know more details or download the brochure by visiting our website.

4. Build Connections With Users

Till now if you are thinking that Quora is just a platform that could be used for question & answer purposes then no it’s not only that, Quora is a social media platform where you can make connections as well like you do in other social platforms to increase your reach and networking.

For your brand it’s a great way to connect with those who are asking questions about your product and services & want to get more updates about your brand. This could assist in enhancing the relationship with your customer. On quora nobody else could give a better answer than the employee of your company If any person is asking a question regarding your new product or existing ones.

On any social media platform sharing valuable content & describing different topics in which your business deals attracts more and more people who are interested about your business. You can also showcase people about your business  environment & culture that demonstrate how everything is going on in the business and on what missions and values your business stands for.

Quora can also become the best platform to get reviews for your brands, plus it works as a source to know what people think about your product and what issues and concerns they have with these products and services, in this way it works as guidance for your brand.

There could be many other reasons other than just product and service to call out a brand on social media such as refund, discount, apology, solution of any problem, raise awareness if they like what you are doing and so on.

5. Suggest Editing And Formatting

When you are writing an answer be sure you reread it like you would do with any social media post or blog. Keep in mind that you have to create a positive image of your brands in people’s mind.

Formatting the answers using editing tools like adding bullet points, bolding the text, leaving spaces will make it easy to read and clear.

Add the link at the right place as I mentioned before that quora nowadays deletes and hides answers having too much link or link at wrong place. If your answers are not as per the question then again it’s a bad sign so try to edit the recently written answers as well having errors.

You can use the comment section to suggest edit of other top popular questions as well if the answers have some errors or not explaining complete information. For instance – Few days ago Recently, I saw one question “Why is doorstep diesel delivery not available in India?” so the answer was “The Government of India is not permitted to sell fuel online as it is highly inflammable”. But the answer wasn’t exactly correct because now the Indian Government has permitted to sell diesel online but not petrol.

6. Keep An Eye On Analytics


To know the result of your content for any social media campaign you take help of insight and analytics to see what your efforts are rewarding. In the same way you can see stats in quora and derive the conclusions of your content.

Being constantly active on quora and replying to answers is great but knowing that your content is helpful for others or not can be determined through the analytics. You will be able to track all the necessary data like views, comments, upvotes and shares which helps in drawing better conclusions for future quora marketing strategies.

Having such information in hand elaborates which are the questions whose answers you should give as these questions are adding more value for your brand and increasing credibility, you can also look into what are the most asked questions by people for your brand, it shows what intrigues them about your business.

After drawing the conclusions try to improve the ROI via your content.


Now you have got all the points to include in your quora marketing strategy. So it’s time to implement what you learnt.

Get all the advantages using this platform and attract more and more users to your website. All the above mentioned points play a key role in adding value to your quora marketing strategy but the most important thing is to add value through your content which makes people realize that you are genuine, you have concern regarding their problems and adding value through your work.

Maintain a presence of yourself as a knowledgeable person of your industry and able to give solutions which makes people more reliant on you for their answers.