What is the best b2b Lead Generation channel in 2017

b2b lead generation

b2b lead generation There are a lot of channels used for a B2B lead generation which includes PR, SEO, Webinars, live events, Paid Ads, Content marketing, social media marketing.

Email marketing endures one of the biggest trends for B2B lead generation. It is known to be used by over 82% B2B and B2C companies at the moment. The 23-year-old email is acknowledged as the best channels for lead generation strategies. Let us find out why email id preferred over any other channel to generate leads:

Email is the cheapest b2b lead generation medium

Till date, every possible digital marketing medium has failed to become cheaper than emails. Compared to any other channel, the price to send an email stays low. Further, despite such a low price, the emails have managed to generate the best return on investments. While it stands to be the cheapest and bring maximum ROI, it apparently gets the top most position.

Email rules out the cons of social media

We all know social media stands at a huge advantage to reach the maximum audience without any need to send bulk emails. However, it is tough to make posts every day on different social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc. Social media is fundamentally a platform where people come up for networking. Thus, one has to make posts very cautiously to avoid the post look like a spammy approach. While most of the email users use social media, it is not the entirety of email users doing the same. One can cover innumerable people through emails compared to social media. Where social media shows up a bunch of posts to the viewers, emails marketers can send insightful and relevant content directly in the audiences’ inbox.

Just Execute Email Marketing Correctly

Though email marketing is headed as the best b2b lead generation channel, it is no truth that email marketing is easy. There are a number of challenges on has to overcome for a successful email marketing. One of the biggest challenges is the presence of a very small percentage of subscribers who actually go through and read your newsletter. In order to ensure that you turn out to have most conversions out of emails, comply with the following tips:

  • Go for b2b Lead generation agency like our Agency to get best results.
  • Clean your email database regularly.
  • Send some interesting emails to your subscribers. For example, you can offer them free eBooks and white papers to gain their attention.
  • You can consider sending a personalized email to specific recipients studying their history and needs.
  • Maintain a time gap. Never ever send many emails together. Keep a smart gap between each email you send to avoid getting spammed.
  • Follow the process of lead generations.
  • Rearrange your subscribers on the basis of their performance.

Final words

Email marketing is one of the effective ways to generate leads if one manages to comply with the mentioned challenges. The entirety of its benefits along with minimum efforts to rule out its problems infer emails as the best channel for B2B lead generation.