5 best Ecommerce marketing strategies

ecommerce strategies


In today’s High Competition, you need to do something different to get sales on your ecommerce website and as more and more people are spending more time on mobile so it is relevant to show ads on digital platforms. these strategies works fine with all the ecommerce platforms, whether it is Shopify, Magento, opencart, wocommerce or any other. Digital is very dynamic and In today’s time, the things are getting trending might get outdated tomorrow. But at this time, these strategies are working well for almost every brand. 

Conversion campaigns on Facebook & Instagram

If you are running an ecommerce store and you want more people to buy some product from your store then Facebook & Instagram offer the Conversion objective campaign which focuses on getting people to take action. Facebook based on their past behaviour, show ads to relevant people who are most likely to take desired action and facebook keep track of how many people convert (or take action). 

best eCommerce strategies

You can choose different campaigns like conversions, store visits, or catalog sales. When right people will visit your website after seeing the ads then they will buy products. It’s a Paid campaign where you need to define a budget for each Paid campaign. You can monitor the entire journey of each consumer in Facebook Ads manager and also can track ROI (Return on investment) & ROAS (Return on Ads Spend). If you target it right with different audience types of facebook like Core, Custom or Lookalike audience then you are most likely to get your target audience to make a commitment to buy. 

Google Shopping Ads

Google offer an intent based paid campaign which are many times also called Product listing ads. If a user search for any product in google search then google will show some products on top from different website along with product image & price.  Google Shopping campaigns help you promote your products by giving users detailed information about what you’re selling before they even click your ad. Using different conversion reporting tools, you can track the performance of each product over time.

ecommerce strategies and google ads

Google has few requirements you’ll need to meet to be able to set up a Shopping campaign and create Shopping ads but it is very effective if you have an ecommerce website. 

Increase the Organic traffic consistently 

Every ecommerce website needs more traffic on their website and there is a clear link between more number of visitors on the website and likely more people buy from the website. For this, your website needs to be easily found by customers. For this it is important that you appear in the first positions of Google’ SERPs. Paid campaign can give virtual boost in traffic on website or more sales. But if you have organic SEO strategy in place and your website has stable organic traffic then it is real growth. This is where SEO can help you. It will help you rank higher in the SERPs and make your website be visible by your target. 

best strategy for ecommerce seo

SEO is changing a lot going forward in year 2020

  1. you will need stronger SEO strategies to determine right Search queries (You need to think your keywords in terms of user’s search intents)
  2. you will need to focus on technical aspect of the website (optimizing the speed of the website for mobile because most of the traffic comes from mobile devices)
  3. You need to do detailed analysis of  the personas most likely to convert, behaviour they show on google and how conversions can be generated with right clicks.   

Recapture Abandoned Cart checkout with Email

You need to check the data and see if more people are leaving the website by not buying or they leave just after doing add to cart. It wastes your money & efforts if paid campaigns are happening. You should setup abandoned cart email is a follow-up message sent to someone who leaves a website without purchasing the items in their online shopping cart.

email campaign for ecommerce

Abandoned cart emails are typically sent to people who leave part-way through checkout, and can recover around 10% of lost revenue. You need to deploy rule based abandoned cart checkout process where auto mail will be sent to those people. 

Remarketing campaigns on Google & Social Media

You can also setup display remarketing campaign on google or video ads campaign on Youtube and its also advisable to setup Remarketing campaign on Social media. It helps in recapturing the attention of people who visited your ecommerce website thru any channel and you engage them again so they come back and take action on website. 

ecommece strategy remarketing

Plan with our expert team

The fastest and easiest way to kickstart your ecommerce marketing is to set up a test program. If you don’t have the expertise then it may be tedious and resource-intensive.

It is always good to hire an agency to complete these strategies for your store. This allows you to have full idea about how the different campaigns work and you can also assign some targets for all the money spent on Paid Ads. 

We at HO Digital can get you started quickly, and everything is  done-for-you instantly. No matter which product you sell, these components will be done as per the best practice from our side.