Best Marketing Ideas for Hospitals

Hospitals are often a dreaded entity in the minds of consumer and their relatives. No one wants to fall ill and visit a hospital. To change this Image, Hospital’s need to plan a marketing strategy where they can promote healthy living and possibly create a positive image. With the growing competition in the healthcare industry, it is important to adopt the right marketing tactics and build the strong relationship with patients.Here are 9 best marketing ideas for Hospitals that add value to your hospital’s marketing efforts.

1. Optimize the Website:

It’s important to optimize the site with on-page SEO factors such as proper Meta tags, fixing errors, right navigation and provide a better user experience. Optimize the content including healthcare terminologies but remember to avoid the over optimization. Follow the right off-page SEO techniques to improve the visibility in the search engines.

2. Perform Social Media Promotions:

Establish the strong presence on social media networks. YouTube is popular network through which you can ask patients to share their experiences by sharing videos. They can introduce themselves as potential patients and explain the benefits. Twitter is also a vital element for social media promotions. It generates almost instant results by reaching a wider audience through relevant hashtags. Facebook campaigns help in the promotion of the brand and build the strong online reputation. The growth of these social networks has influenced patients to choose your hospitals over others and stay ahead in the competition.

3. Waiting Room Experience:

Patients weighting for their turn can be utilized as a captivated audience. They should be targeted with the right promotional materials about hospitals on the LED Displays installed. You can showcase the different treatments that a patient can take as and when required. In waiting room Hospital’s can also share positive stories and testimonials that may help patient calm down. This will help to capture the audience’s attention and they can have all the information related to the hospitals. It will also help to build the strong reputation of the brand.

4. Connecting with Bloggers:

Blogging is steadily growing over the years and one of the best marketing ideas for hospitals. Bloggers have the ability to successfully attract the audience’s interest. You can contact the bloggers in the healthcare industry and ask them to write the post dedicatedly for the promotion of your Hospital.  As the bloggers have many followers, there is a chance that the post gets shareable to many social networks and reaches a wider audience. This will help to successfully spread the message and raise the awareness of the Hospital.

5. Go Mobile:

Users spend on average 69% of their media time on smartphones. So your site should be optimized for mobile devices. People search for hospitals near them and to appear in the local 3 pack results is an additional advantage to convert the visitors into patients to your hospital. In order to appear in the local 3 pack results, you have to follow the three tactics. First is you should optimize the Google+ profile and keep it active with regular postings. Second is getting the as much as online citations as possible. A third one is having online reviews.

6. Create a marketing strategy around the Physician Relationship:

Physician and his experience should be the centre of Marketing strategy for Hospital. They are the reason and drivers of footfall to Hospital. A great Program should promote Physician and his achievements and initiatives in his specialization.

7. Use CRM and analytics data from supporting services such as Test and imaging labs and target the patient:

Hospitals have a wealth of data about patients nowadays through use of CRM and other specialized software packages. Hospitals should use Analytics to its full potential to check when there is an increase in footfall and what all queries are prominent at certain point of time and draw a plan to tackle those queries. Analytics is a wide field which can present a whole lot of opportunities for hospitals for gathering attention and increasing their patient base.

8. Promote health advice and guides on Social platforms to existing patient:

Hospitals should promote healthy living and try to include guides and diet plan on their Facebook page as well as twitter handle and website. They can also sponsor events such as Sports Events or organize Health camps for underprivileged section of Society.

9. Create Awareness about Various Specialities of Hospital:

In India healthcare revolves around Family physician. People consult these Internal medicine physician for every disease or complication. They are not aware of which speciality to consult for particular disease. People should be aware of various specialities. They should also be made aware why it is important for them to consult the right doctor for concerned problem. For Example: For Problems regarding Digestion a gastroenterologist should be consulted and for kidney related a nephrologist should be consulted.

Wrapping it up!

Follow these best marketing ideas for hospitals and get more patients through these creative healthcare marketing solutions. These will not only increase the patients but build your brand in the healthcare industry. There are many marketing ideas for hospitals which can be used but it involves various factors. Hospitals should carry out proper research and then arrive at a marketing strategy.