How to Create Tweet Chat

What are Twitter Chats ?

Twitter chats are a great method to enhance the social following, feedback, discussions and show thought leadership. They produce lively conversations and make deep connections between participants and brands. In this article, we are discussing the step-by-step guide to host a successful Twitter chat for business.

A Twitter chat is basically a discussion with the public on Twitter about a specific hashtag. Twitter chats are led by a designated moderator who asks questions and facilitates the discussion at a predetermined time. Hosting it is like hosting an open house for neighbors to talk about a local issue or meeting a group of people who share a common interest.

A Twitter chat is more than just a fun event for the followers and you. From a business point of view, a Twitter chat is a golden opportunity to communicate with and get in touch with your customers in a meaningful method. Hosting chat shows followers that your business is open, willing and accessible to exchange with them. By participating in an open conversation in the topics you present for discussion, including influencers, potential customers, and influencers.

A Twitter chat can help you in:

  • Making new contacts with relevant Twitter users
  • Making authority and establish your leadership brand in your area
  • Enable members of your business to be identified as influencers
  • Share valuable content with the audience
  • Enhance the brand awareness through increased mentions and discussions surrounding your brand

Why participate in a Twitter chat?

Twitter chats offer a chance to get a number of circles and to improve that network through shared interests. Hosting a chat shows follower that your business is open, willing to engage with them rather than broadcasting content to them.

Some of the key elements of Twitter chat are:

  1. A hashtag: Your Twitter chat hashtag will give your discussion an identity and help people find and follow it on Twitter.
  2. A host: Every Twitter chat requires a host to start the discussion and keep it on track.
  3. A content: Twitter chats can be a general discussion or about something very specific. You need to have an idea in advance of what you want to talk about and ready to discuss some content and talking points.
  4. Questions and answers: The host asks questions or post discussion topics and participants post answers to make it easy to follow along.
  5. A date and time: Successful Twitter chats happen at predetermined times. Think of it like that radio show you tune into every week at the same time.
  6. Participants: The last thing is the participants. You can invite selected participants and a special guest to the chat.

Have you ever participated in Twitter chats? If yes, how did it go? What tips would you suggest? If you have yet to join a Twitter chat, what questions do you have? Share with us without any hassle.