Tips to Create Wikipedia page for business – Perfectly

create wikipedia page

create wikipedia page

Unbiased Information on any subject makes Wikipedia the most famous site on the web. The most viewed Wikipedia has 55+ million articles and that makes it the highest traffic website daily with unique views.

Wikipedia mission is to focus on engaging people with genuine, neutral and correct content which should help someone with relevant information. The entire concept is on nonprofit and Wikipedia operate under the free license to collect and develop educational content. Anyone can develop the content on Wikipedia and currently it is supported by individual volunteers and groups but Wikipedia is very particular about the content which gets published on it.

Wikipedia focus on content which is about any individual or Business but notable enough in their domain and content should not be promotional OR should not result in any gain in publicity for the individual or brand.

Important tips to create Wikipedia page

1. Good References

Good References prove that the business is notable enough to get Wikipedia page and it is most important part. Try to include References for the topics or subject on which you would like to create the Wikipedia page. If your business has got any coverage in newspapers, PR websites or any important website then collect all the important links of those References.

It is very important to have references of the subject because Wikipedia guidelines need verification of the information from multiple sources. There is high chance the article gets deleted if it will not have good References.

2. Neutral point of view

Wikipedia is not a Personal Page or Business Listing website. It doesn’t allow Advertisement or Self Promotion of any product or services. Try to keep your article neutral about the subject and use the tone which should not sound like a promotion in any regard. You can include an external link to your website but the link should have relevance and used for help & information purpose only. It shouldn’t carry an Self Gain intention to drive more traffic to your own website.

3. Follow format & Guild lines

If you search the existing articles or content about anything on Wikipedia then you will notice that it follows certain guidelines and format.  It is also called Manual of Style (MOS). It cover details related to format, Images, Layout, list, Category, Citation, Headings, Linking and References. It is very important to follow these guidelines of Style in Wikipedia.

It brings the Consistency and also help in Searches & predictability of the content at certain spaces. So if you apply and use the same templates then it is highly appreciated and get acceptance easily.

4. Quality Content

Wikipedia already has 55+M articles so whatever you start new, first check the existing content to make sure it doesn’t exist.  Wikipedia is very particular about the accuracy of information and Quality of Information. The volunteers will delete the duplicate content so always follow the guidelines for content and images both in respect to format an copyright issues.

5. Seek out for Advice (Consult Wikipedia Editor)

Many believe that a self-creation lead to self-promotion and it looks true in case of Wikipedia for sure. if any business want to have a Wikipedia page than it is always better to get help from a professional Expert who is an Wikipedia Editor. We at HO Digital can assist you create the Wikipedia page. We will collect all relevant details and do research about brand or business, write unbiased Content, follow format & guidelines & then create a Wikipedia page for your business. There is very high chance of approval because of our experience and skills.