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Normally Customer Engagement meant attracting customers with the promise of great deals and moving them as quickly as possible to checkout but today it is much deeper. Every Client of us want to create a strategy where they want to analyze customer and their customers’ shopping preferences and interests. Idea is to provide them the engagement-rich content (videos, articles, blogs, and newsletters) that appeals to customers on an emotional level.


Customer engagement has become a big priority for all businesses as highly engaged customers tend to spend more on each purchase and make purchases more frequently.


HO Digital try to create a plan which should be dynamic, multi-channel where customers should readily engage at the website via videos, blogs, games, product reviews, customer service, community forums, and social media. We effectively blend all this in right quantity and timing (known as Right-touching) as it should able to meet the mutual needs.


HO Digital places the strategic emphasis on the creation of valuable relationships and encourages both parties to see mutual advantage in that relationship.  We measure this engagement regularly and in particular, customer activity, satisfaction and loyalty.


We place endless strategies and technologies to create signs of successful engagement campaigns that complement the marketing and advertising campaigns you already have in place.


Every Client needs are different and one policy don’t suit all. We have experienced that some retailers have found video gives a boost to conversion but at same time some products or websites has Customer reviews are incredibly powerful means to engage visitors.


Live chat Solutions is also primarily becoming the customer service channel and consumers are most satisfied with the website if call to action is placed.


Customer Videos, Virtual events, webcasts or Online Demos of the products are better for B2B products.


HO Digital can provide consulting and service to prove a valuable way for customers who want to improve their business. They are challenges and opportunities but finding new ways to reach and engage customers are immediate requirement.

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