Digital Marketing Ideas during Coronavirus crisis

The economic impact of the novel Coronavirus has become very challenging for businesses. The full business impact of this major lock-down events are still unclear but the effects will not be positive for sure on many verticals – Hotel bookings, Flights, Events, Travel Plans, Purchases, and numerous other opportunities have been canceled to prevent the spread of the coronavirus (Covid 19). During the lock-down, people are working from home & the digital time spend has increased. Many Brands wants to reach people on digital platforms & thinking of using their marketing spends on Digital marketing. if you are planning to market your business online then check these Digital marketing ideas to reduce the impact of coronavirus on business.

There’s no question that the effect of the COVID-19 outbreak is felt by everyone. But as an entrepreneur, the right steps need to be taken to make the best out of the current situation. During this period of quarantine, now is the time your customer is more active and alert on digital platforms which is giving you an opportunity to increase engagement with them.

Here are some marketing strategies you can implement during coronavirus downturn:

1) Retain your existing customer base:​

You might have heard that “out of sight means out of mind”, it is of utmost importance to stay engaged with the existing customers because it is better to keep an existing hard-won customer than to get a new one. It can get tricky during this pandemic if you don’t take active steps to retain your customer base. 

Marketing Automation:​ Here don’t use marketing automation in the form of automated emails and cold calling. This is a very cost-effective method and it can be utilized in sending relevant, personalized & contextualized messages to the target audience who are interested in hearing what you want to convey.

Create Content:​ Everything begins with content. Content is very important when it comes to retaining your existing customers. Create timely & relevant content. Make sure your content is of quality & providing a great value to your audience. While creating a content strategy, just think about what is the customer’s goal? – to find the answers. Are you having valuable answers in a way that makes you stand above the crowd?

Basically, content drives everything. Also, You can share your developments and success stories of your clients which is essential for keeping you ahead of your competitors.

Get more socially active:​ A great way to engage with your existing customers is social media such as Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc. Create a social media marketing funnel to reach out to every customer. This is the place where your customer is actively discussing your products, making decisions about purchasing your products & reviewing your products. Make sure to contribute to the discussion of the customers and based on their decisions, take insights and it will help in better targeting of your audience.

become social media active

2) Improve visibility in front of potential customers:​

Here Brand Awareness is going to help in getting new customers. When the potential customer is searching for what you are selling, is a good way to be found.

The Mere Exposure Effect:​ This marketing phenomenon is when customers are familiar with your services or products, they develop a preference for them. Now you can implement low-cost techniques to keep your brand visible to potential clients. Advertising may not feel like the best idea now but it is definitely going to help you in the future.

Refresh your Content:​ Although you have relevant content according to your business, go through your blogs and update the content to get better ranking in search engines. Content marketing is a great way that will help you in creating an on-going relationship with your customers. It is the best approach as a brand to become a storyteller that provides value to the customers with the help of content at every touch during this time of crisis.

Refresh your content

3) Stay Updated On Search Trends:

With the growing impact of coronavirus on the businesses, staying in the know about what’s happening around has never been more important. The digital world continues to change at a rapid rate. Staying updated and informed on the latest search trends has now become an even more important part of running your business successfully. 

You need to be ready whenever your customers or clients require new products or procedures. If you are not equipped to adapt & meet their needs, you seem out-of-date and risk losing that business as well as potential clients to your competitors.

Instead, stay updated, know the search trends and prepare yourself for those demands, create relevant content to solve the queries regarding the trending search topic and get better relevance for organic marketing & search engine optimization. With these strategies, you will be able to attract more business that your competitors won’t be able to keep up with.

stay updated with google trends

4) Make your brand better in organic search:

With the change that has emerged because of this crisis, a need for change in the marketing strategies is on the cards. This is not the best time to acquire clients by running paid ad campaigns, but when it comes to organic strategies, they can do the trick. The focus should be more on organic marketing strategies so that your visibility in search can be increased and your target audience will reach to your business without you spending any money.

Organic search is considered as a critical component of the buyer funnel. Understanding what people are searching for and answers they are looking for online, the type of content they wish to consume that can also be trusted to provide value for them. You need to put more efforts and optimize your organic marketing and SEO strategy.

With the shift of more consumer base on the internet due to the quarantine period, competition has also increased. So use every digital platform to stay active & motivated before the rank disappears on the search engine result page.

increase google search-ability

5) Stay ahead of your competitors:

Staying ahead of your competitors is indeed a big deal. It is the best way to disrupt a competitive but antiquated market. You’re in the business to serve your clients, so it is vital that you know your customers and look after them. Are you addressing the needs of your customers that have changed over the pandemic situation? Also, it gives you an opportunity to evolve as a business.

Your marketing strategy and core process needs to set you apart from your competitors. Know your competitors, monitor & study them to analyze what makes a customer choose you and not your competitors and vice versa.

Make sure you optimize your website and the content. Implement strategic optimization methods so that you don’t lose your valuable ground in the search results.

You need to give your customers a good reason so that they come to you rather than your competitors. Make sure to constantly change and refine the processes to stay above everyone. Think outside the box, stand out and be different.

stay ahead of competition

6) Prepare Your Business For the Bounce-Back Surge:​

Although we cannot say for how long the corona outbreak will last, as it is fading in China and everything is heading towards normalcy. Although it seems that it will take some time, that shouldn’t stop you from putting your best marketing efforts. There’s a common saying – “Failing to plan is planning to fail.”

Understand the importance of marketing strategy and integrate digital marketing into your business marketing plan to the full potential. If you fail to recognize its importance, you risk losing out to competitors and there will surely be other consequences.

Also, It is imperative to understand that SEO is a long term strategy. Do not put a hold on your SEO as it can make an adverse impact when a few months from now, coronavirus will become a distant memory. New opportunities often present themselves when you least expect, when you’re not looking, and so by implementing the optimal marketing strategies, you’re in the best position to seize these breaks. If you don’t then you might fall out-of-the-loop and face difficulty to get back on the track.

focus on long term objectives

7) Focus on Local SEO:​

In this quarantine period, people are looking for local solutions. So many people right in your neighborhood are searching for business or services like yours. Make sure that when it matters the most, you are being found.

At this time, Local SEO is becoming more important and is one of the most effective ways to market your business. Local SEO can give a good boost to your business and is the most relevant when you need to be found when people are searching locally. 

During this time, you need to make sure that you care about the needs of your customers and they have a memorable experience with you. But even without this corona situation, the customer experience starts when they search for your store on Google, without stepping a foot inside your store. And now, because they’re staying at home, this is the only option that they have. You need to make sure to provide an easy and convenient experience for your customers by serving them well through the local search.

Local search is highly targeted and timely. People search locally to find a specific product, service or business. So position your business in such a way by implementing optimal local search tactics that you highlight and promote what you have to offer to the audience when they are looking for your type of business.

Make sure to optimize your Local SEO strategies and near me keywords for people to find you first rather than your competitors when they are looking for a specific product or service to buy.

focus on local seo

8) Let the internet reach where you can not:

We all have physical barriers when it comes to marketing, or providing services. We can reach out to a much larger audience by harnessing the power of the internet. Due to covid-19, people are staying at home and the internet allows us to serve our audience by offering online solutions to them.

This, however, might not be possible for every business but during this time when everything is closed, counselors, fitness trainers, and other business professionals have the perfect opportunity to provide the services online. You can give online workout classes or consultations. But make sure to implement the marketing strategies to inform your audience and stay connected with them.

You can establish a connection with your customers and keep reminding them of your presence by sharing the values regarding the current scenario and offering online help and solutions to them. Also, when the situation becomes normal, it will help in retaining your customers.

let the internet reach where u can't

With the help of these strategies, you can keep your pace in the market during this time of crisis. Now that the ball is in your court, make the wise decision by implementing a solid strategy rather than a hit-and-trial approach or you can also hire a digital marketing agency to take care of your business.

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