Essentials of a good landing page that generate more leads

Landing page is first requirement when you think of creating any Paid ads on any platform. A landing page is where your user will land ultimately after seeing and clicking on any Paid ads.

Landing page experience is important if are looking for more leads or calls, So, no matter how effective your marketing campaigns are if you do not have an attractive landing page then you won’t get any conversions. If you do not have an effective landing page your website’s bounce rate will also increase. Users will land at your website and then return as they might feel that they are misled. Their expectations after seeing the ads do not match the reality which makes them not trust the brand.

Here we have shared a few essentials of a landing page which will help you in creating a compelling one which will convert:

  • An Attractive Headline: Your landing page should have a clear, catchy and attention-grabbing headline because a headline is the one where everything begins. A user is compelled to stay and learn more about what you are offering if you have an effective headline.
  • Engaging Subheads: The next thing that attracts the attention of the user after a killer heading are persuasive subheads. Your headline should be such that it makes your user look and your subheads should be such that it makes your user stay on your website. The subhead should go a little more in detail as compared to your headline.
  • High-Quality Visuals: A good landing page is the one that has large pictures, pictures that are relevant to your product and service, and also high in quality. Stock photographs and last-minute photoshop jobs won’t work in order to have a good landing page.
  • A Perfectly Clear Explanation: Your landing page should clearly and perfectly explain what you are offering which is clear information about your product and service. You can lose your customers if they do not understand what you are offering. Try to keep your headline straightforward, fun, unique and also clear. 
  • Mention Clear Contact Details: Every good landing page has clear information like a phone number, a physical address, an email address, and a contact form. You can also include popups where a customer service representative will ask the customer if they can be of any help.
  • Mention a Guarantee: A guarantee can help people feel reassured while on your landing page as they love guarantees. The word itself improves the chances of conversion. You can choose a type of guarantee that works for your type of business, and state this guarantee on your landing page. Positioning your guarantee close to your call to action will work the best in grabbing the user’s attention.
  • A Compelling Call to Action Button: This is the most important element in all the other ways of making your landing page attention-grabbing. A call to action is the one that will help in converting your visitors to customers. The bigger you will create your call to action the better it will be for your landing page. Try to use something explosive, exciting, and persuasive.

   Thus, by following these essentials of an effective landing page you will get high levels of conversion and your business will start progressing and your profit-earning levels will also ultimately increase.

So if you were ignoring your landing page till now then you might have realized how effective it will be for your business to have a high converting landing page.