How to Plan going viral on social media by executing simple steps

go viral social media

going viral on social media

Your content might be great, have all the facts and figures correct, interesting to read and informative but what’s the use if it’s not going viral on social media. It’s a waste, just like any other ordinary write up.

These days when Social Media is at boom, sharing the content on any social media platforms is the best way to make your content viral. To grap the maximum users from the all age groups who are highly active you should follow these simple steps

A Catchy Headline to make it going viral on social media

These days Social Media users are smart and if they find something very unique and attractive then only they will click on the link and prefer sharing it.

So, you can strategize it in this way, create such type of heading that is filled with mystery and curiosity. Let’s understand this with an example, a heading like “Exercise Daily and Get Rid of the Excess Weight”  and “How to Loose 5 Kg in Just 7 Days”, both the headings may have the same content second one is most likely more  impressive and has headline to make it going viral on social media.

Reason being that it’s giving you a certain kind of curiosity to know how you can lose 5kg of weight in only 7 days whereas the first one in itself is not motivating enough to even click it as it’s like a general statement.

Post Relevant and Engaging Images & videos

Yes, images & videos are important and that’s why Social Sites like Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram are so popular. For once, a user might not feel like investing his/her time on reading what’s written but he can’t avoid the appealing and inspiring visuals.

Post relevant and attractive images that support your content in a better way, sometimes people don’t feel like going through the entire write up but they will be interested if the crux of the write up is mentioned in the form of a picture, this is the reason why Infographics are so popular these days and help in going viral on social media. 

Share Hit Content with Different Messages Again and Again to make it Viral

If you are thinking that it’s not a good practice to share the same content on Social Media more than once then your are absolutely wrong.

It’s not possible that all your Social Media audience are active at the same time, they might miss some of your posts and they might read it when you share it for the second time.

You can share the same links with different messages. Same link can be shared with new Titles, Questions, Quotes or headings. It will also help you in going viral on social media. 

Do little Research on social media

Before you plan going viral on social media it is very important to do little research. just check which topics are trending and what people are liking and sharing. it will really help you in planning it correctly.

if you are interested in creating content which should go viral then either yourself or thru an expert try to complete the steps. we can help you in creation of content and the research part. just contact us