How to get my website on Google

how to rank on first page of google

how to get my website on googleDo you want to know how to get my website on google first page search.  We will help you with this blog focusing on simple tips. Marketing funnel formula is simple, more visits on website leads to more sales. People click and visit websites which list on first page of Google because No one likes to go to 2nd page. Google has hundreds of ranking factors and Google is using lot of algorithms & update regularly to create better experience for users. User’s experience data is based on few metrics like average time spend by each visitor, bounce rate of the website and conversion rate on the website. Google keep changing the order that websites are displayed in search results.

Are you ready to check steps on how to get my website on google

Choose relevant keywords

Putting any website on first page has a basic Start, what the visitor has typed in the Google search.  If that keywords or phrase they have typed are not relevant to your business then the game is over. If you are coming on first page then also it doesn’t matter. Your business Keywords are most important things so try to choose them wisely. Learn more about the customer or visitor whom you want to invite on your website. Think like them and then do deep keyword research to check the traffic on those keywords. . By researching your relevant keyword demand, you can include those terms and phrases in your webpages.

Create unique quality content

Search engines value unique and new content. Viewers have certain requirements and they type their requirements in Google search but if every page is giving them same content then viewers does not spend good time on the website. So if you want visibility and good click thru rate on website then create unique content and provide quality information to the visitors. Use good text with correct grammar and spelling and try to write exactly what people are looking for, Google will automatically reward you with better rankings if users are spending good time on your website.

Get Quality Backlinks from good websites

Google has changed their algorithms in past 2-3 years but if some other reputed websites with high trust flow metrics, better Domain authority or page authority has given you a backlink then your ranking will improve easily. Backlinking can work in many ways i.e Comments, Guest blogging, PR activity OR link document sharing. Social media also refer as good backlink to improve your ranking on google.

Run google adwords campaigns

Google Adwords can influence your organic ranking because with better CTR and more users clicking the page and taking actions on the page will increase. Google Search Algorithm will track the overall performance of the website and rate that page better where Google Adwords are running.

Also if you want to get the idea about the keywords in which visitors are interested and if you have short them goals like converting sales then you should run Google adwords campaign. Google Adwords is the best way to put your website on first page on competitive keywords and key phrases.

Take help of a SEO consultant

Ranking on first page need On-page optimization i.e making changes on website and off-page optimization i.e link building is doing activities outside your website. Both these optimization are very important and good for first page listing. If you need right strategy then good SEO consultant can review your website to tell exactly what you need to do to get desired ranking. A SEO consultant knows what is properly and systematic approach. No one can guarantee the ranking on first page but doing properly on-page & off-page SEO can help you get Google ranking.

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