How Website Design Affects SEO & How To Deal With It?

website design affect SEO

In today’s world of digital marketing, the design of your website plays a very crucial role. User experience has become a key factor for the search engine ranking. The design and the quality of your website will determine how users are able to interact with your website and it directly affects your site ranking in the search results. Website design and its performance on the search engine are linked intrinsically. So, the websites that are designed without keeping the factor of SEO in mind can cause ranking issues down the line. In this article find out how website design affect SEO and ways to deal with it.

Nowadays, almost every entrepreneur knows the importance of Search Engine Optimization but many don’t realize the impact of a good website design on SEO. The design of your website and how users interact with it directly affect your site’s ranking in the search results. Websites may look very appealing but can lack on the digital marketing front.

Due to the covid19 lockdown, there is a significant rise in the online presence of different brands. Brands are either introducing their new websites or going for a total revamp. Also, they are effectively upgrading their marketing strategies during this crisis. However, in order to stay ahead of the game, there are many other factors that you need to consider. You need to get a good design for your website and yet keep it simple & user friendly at the same time. It is imperative to cook in the marketing variables on your website during the design time.

As per Mr. John Mueller ( who is  Webmaster Trends Analyst at Google. He mentioned that if you never need to submit your website thru URL submission tool. If you regularly use the URL submission tool for Index submission, means you need to improve your website overall.  He even mentioned, search console will not fix your website. You need to fix it yourself. Refer to his Tweets.

For more details, You can also check Google webmaster help forum . If you want to leave a long-lasting impression, make sure to design a kind of website that contributes to a superior search ranking and which can also aid in the online visibility along with your business branding. In this article,

we will highlight some web design practices that have a direct impact on SEO’s performance along with some tips on how you can improve on each front.


Smooth navigation is very essential for a good website design. Without proper navigation, websites can appear very unorganized and unstructured. It makes it easy for readers to figure out how your website works. It also helps in giving quick answers to your viewer’s search.

It should be simple to understand and good navigation is very important in tracing the website high on search engines. It basically allows your visitors to search on your website with ease. It is more than just a menu bar. So, easy-to-follow navigation will improve the quality of your website as it does not let the visitor get lost along the way.

Good navigation helps in decreasing the bounce rate. Also, nowadays many people like everything fast, so it makes them stay for a longer time and the strategic website design allows your customers to view your website or your products with ease which leads them to purchase the products.


It is also known as ‘responsive web design’ that means the website design will respond to any device or display, be it your smartphone or tablet. Your website must be mobile-friendly that means the functioning and look of your website should be great on the mobile devices as well.

Many visitors find it difficult to access the website and its content via mobile. If they’re unable to find what they’re looking for, then they will not hesitate to leave your website. It will lead to an increase in the bounce rate and a decrease in the ranking. Nowadays brands have more interactions with their target audience through mobile devices. So, if you don’t have a mobile-friendly website then you are losing your potential clients to your competitors.

According to a study, 57% of the people, looking for the services that you offer are using mobile devices which is one of the main reasons to design a mobile-friendly website as you cannot afford to lose 57% of the potential customers to your competitors.


If you want to drive a substantial amount of traffic according to the right circumstances then image SEO is a great solution. Although Google does not index the content of images, but the basic optimization of the images is very important & crucial.

Make sure the alt text of the image is properly described and the image name is properly labeled. Design the images in such a way that they can also be used in social shares. You should also consider adding images to your XML-sitemaps. However, do not spam the alt text with keywords, Google uses the alt text of the images when they fail to load.

Keep the alt text short & descriptive, and the image name simple. Make sure that you don’t use a lot of images on your website as it can also slow down the website’s speed and can affect the SEO of your website.


The website is designed for users and it is the whole point of creating it in a first-place. One of the key factors for good website design & SEO is to have a simple website design. When you eliminate the extra unwanted features from your site, the loading speed significantly increases and it greatly helps in attracting the new visitors.

A simple design is very to use and it should be your top priority that users can access your website easily. Having a clean website design also makes it easier to make changes or update on the website in the future. Whenever people visit a website, they judge it within the 60 seconds of seeing it. Also, simple and minimal website design is preferred by many users.

So, clean web design also contributes to making a great first impression. It is also easy for Google to crawl simple web designs. When your website is clutter-free, it helps the user to focus on the content that you want to deliver.

It also shows that you are very serious about your brand and do not give a typical salesman feel along with building a level of trust. The focus is on the quality and which leads to improved conversion rates. Clean, minimalistic, and modern design is very important to boost more traffic and conversions.


The speed of a website is such an important factor which many brands still tend to ignore. Google has made the page load speed an actual ranking factor. You are also an internet user and might be exploring so many different websites and consuming their content. So as a user you can understand how annoying it is to wait for a page to load itself completely.

The speed of your website is mandatory for both your ranking and your visitors. Page load speed is also a very crucial factor that contributes to the mobile-friendliness of a website. Users do not like the websites that take forever to load and they leave that site which ultimately results in a higher bounce rate and lower average time on the webpage.

It is also possible that users might have a poor mobile data connection if they are visiting your website via mobile. So, page load speed is another crucial factor for responsiveness that inturn indicates how well your website is designed.

In research according to Google, if your page load speed goes from 1 to 3 seconds then it indicates a 30% increase in the bounce rate. If it is longer than 3 seconds such as if it takes 5 seconds, then the chances of increasing the bounce rate are 90%. If it takes 10 seconds then the increase in the bounce rate is 123%.

As buyers are very impatient nowadays, a website designed without considering the impact of page speed adversely affects the ranking and the conversions. However, faster sites create happy users and which leads to more conversion rate.


Did you know by having an effective and strategic call-to-action, there can be a great increase in the revenue of your company while expanding your customer base at the same time?

CTAs are very common and you can see it everywhere on the internet such as on social media, blog posts, etc.

However, many brands still do not utilize the power of CTA while designing a website. With the help of an effective CTA, you can drive revenue, business, and conversion. It can be a button or a contact form that basically leads to the conversion. It is meant to persuade the user to take any action that benefits your business.

A well-placed CTA makes your website look very organized and well-structured, provided that CTAs are not scattered all over your website randomly. It helps in redirecting your visitors where you want them to go and helps in growing your audience & your sales.

Do not limit to a single CTA but make sure you do not use too many CTAs as you possibly can. You cannot place it anywhere on your page just to attract more customers. You need to place them strategically so that they do not compete with each other on a single page. Don’t confuse your users with way too many options.

Make sure to place a CTA on every page of a website. They should not be misspelled, confusing, or hard to read. Make sure they are designed in such a way that they stand out. Use the color, style, and font of the CTA strategically that also goes with the overall design of your website. CTAs should be crafted in such a way that they are easily spotted. Placing an effective CTA is one of the key strategies of website design for excellent SEO.

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