5 Easy Instagram marketing tips to grow your brand

instagram marketing tips india

marketing tips for instagramToday we are sharing Instagram marketing tips – the most widely used photo and video sharing app has more than 500 million users Worldwide.  India alone is more than 70+ million users who use Instagram to share their photos and videos. It is emerging as a very useful platform for online marketing and promotion now. If you are planning to market your brand on Instagram

Top 5 Instagram marketing tips you can use

1. Use Hashtags in your updates

Casual Instagram posts these days are loaded with tons of hashtags. But, as a brand promoter, you need to be careful about what you use as hashtags for your product related posts. Using hashtags in your updates is important and more important is to do it the correct way. One simple and yet effective strategy is to create the hashtags that the customers can also use to mark their photos with your product they have bought. This will help you search the updates of your customers so that you can repost them. There are two fold benefits of doing this. Firstly, more of your brand followers will be encouraged to use the same hashtags to post the pictures of your products as they will like to be featured on your Instagram page. Secondly, your product will get more exposure among the followers of your customers.

2. Mention your customers

User engagement is one of the most important aspects of building a strong follower base. But, you take it a few levels up by directly mentioning your customers in your updates. Get an attractive photo of your product and mention the customers who have bought it. Do not forget to show gratitude to them. This is the way to show appreciation to them. This generates a feel good factor among the customers and gives you a lot of good word of mouth promotion, which is important for any business. Remember not to sideline your followers who haven’t bought from you yet. Mention your followers too in the updates to encourage them to talk about your brand.

3. Start a Hashtag Contest

High quality promotional content created by the company goes a long way in making the brand a success. However, what user generated content can do is incomparable. People believe more in people than the brands. When your friend or family member talks about a product in good light, you are more inclined to buying it. Holding a hashtag contest is a great way to generate user content. The user posts a picture of your product with a particular hashtag and that is displayed on your website and Facebook page. The users vote and choose the winner. This gives a brand a lot of publicity.

4. Use Questions to Get Customers talking & engaging

Asking questions is a great way to engage your customers and followers. It also gives the feeling that you care. You could ask questions like, “did you use the product today” or “what’s the best thing you like about the product?” You can also give your customers a platform to share their photos telling how they use the product.

5. Do it in the right way

We cannot stress enough that quality is the most important aspect of your updates. Ensure that your brand images are of high quality and taken in a way that makes them more relevant to your followers. Posting regularly is important but don’t overwhelm your audience with too frequent posts. Give them the time to breathe and allow the message from a post sink in. It is also crucial to post at the time when there is greater chance of higher viewing. Typically, a post remains on the wall of an Instagram user for nearly 15 minutes. You have to make sure that most people see the update during this window.

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