8 Instagram Stories ideas to market your business

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instagram stories ideas

Business which engage socially keep on searching for fresh approach to create brand identity and to engage customers. These Instagram Stories Ideas are good for all marketing professionals who are experimenting on Instagram innovative stories. it will helps them to easily reach audience and get good  hits.

Instagram stories are innovative photos and videos which are empowered with text, emojis and sliders. . These are interesting and trendy to attract the target customers. Just be creative and collate the pictures and video footages in your own style to develop brand identity.

they are ephemeral and customers get to know different aspects of the services and products in a unique way.  every story provides more detail than just a pictorial representation. In the present trend, Instagram stories are the best touch points when posted in an optimal time.

Instagram Stories Ideas to make a note:

Want to know on how to thrive marketing your business using the Instagram stories feature? Let’s check these 8 Ideas.

1. Offer flash sale or discounts

This is the best aspect to get the razor-sharp response from the customers. Try to provide them the feel of too good to miss discounts on your products. A well knitted story will do all this and reward your customers and business.

2. Share Latest news update with videos

Instead of creating boring stories, make use of the filters and use engaging and attractive content, images. Gran the audience attention by reacting with your stories on latest news and developments in your industry. As this is a fresh topic, people will be easily interested. So, relate your products to these videos and this information will spread like a rapid fire. All these are the simple and effortless ways to get more customers.

3. Informal glimpse of business or products

Give the customers little gist about the products and services. Explain them how it is going to simplify their problem or helpful for them. Create an interest so that whenever they will be eager to use it they connect with you for further process. 

4. Take over trick

Seek the help of the celebrities or popular professionals of your niche and especially those whom your customers like and adore. They will be interested to know about the events or products and this mutually benefits everyone.

5. Get interactive with live videos

Live videos help to engage the audience even though they couldn’t make to attend the events. If they like these videos, they might think of attending your upcoming events or seminars.

6. Behind scene stories

The raw pictures of making of a product will always draw more attention than the fine polished picture. Try to post these rarely to keep the buzz live as we always get thrilled when we come across the unexpected and private stories.

7. Engage them in Quiz or Contests

There will be more than expected views always for the user generated content. Based on the products or services of your business try to conduct quiz or contests. These will help you to get views even from the networks of your customers. This is the best way to spread brand awareness in a less time.

8. Launch new products

Create a buzz and hype for your new products with the Instagram stories. Even though you release them in all other platforms, don’t neglect Instagram as there are millions of active users on this platform. If they like your story, they will be doing the word of mouth marketing for you. Also, include some killer aspects of the new features and the interested customers will stay tuned to know about the new launch.

Customers get hooked to your stories in seconds when they are simple and informative. So why don’t you include the these Instagram stories ideas in your marketing. Reach us at HO DIGITAL to get more ideas to attract the attention.