Some amazing Marketing Ideas For Hotel

Marketing Ideas Hotel

Marketing Ideas Hotel

As we know despite having best of amenities and rooms, Hotels stay empty. When it comes to hotel marketing, then there is a need of a strong marketing strategy that builds the ROI driven online presence for the hotel. Prospective guests research before selecting the hotel about amenities on offer and visuals of room on offer. Marketing should help hotel to get more awareness about their property along with some bookings and enquiry.

Check out the best marketing ideas for hotels

1. Use Content Marketing

This is one of the best marketing ideas for hotels to increase the hotel bookings. The first step is to define your buyer and create a buyer persona. This helps in drafting appropriate content that your target audience is interested in reading.

Content Creation is key to successful campaign and it includes Blogs, Videos, Newsletter and travel tips. Great Content should entertain prospects and entice them to book and stay at hotel and create a Brand Recall in mind of guests.

After creating Content, the focus should be delivering the content to right set of audience. Agency should select the appropriate channel for distribution where target audience is present. The content should be delivered constantly and foster engagement.

The focus of content marketing strategy should be influencing prospective guest to book and stay at Hotel and retaining guests who stayed at hotel.

2. Google Display Ads on Travel Blogs

It is very important to do display ads on different travel blogs. it has been seen that before booking any hotel or travel itinerary, most of the customers visit travel blogs to know the information about the location, ideas, tips and places to visit. this is the right place to advertise about the hotel details. when some one will visit the blog to read, they will see the banners about the hotels and they may click to know about the details.

3. Google My Business Listing

When someone search in google about the hotels in some location then the google show listings at the top. it is organic and google don’t charge any amount. you just need to do the free sign up at Google my business listing. and add proper hotel name, website address and phone number. Set the right category and mention the operating hours of the hotel. There is a lot of competition so make sure you create the right mentioning about all the amenities and post attractive visuals which stands out in the crowd. You can, in fact, opt for paid ads to get the effective results.

4. Keep the Blog Active

It is crucial to keep the blog section of hotel website active through regular postings and perform SEO of blog. This will help to increase the visibility and let it appear higher in the search results. Blogs are a great way to share your story of Hotel. Hotels should be projected as an experience rather than staying option. Create Content around what is unique about your hotel and Why should people visit your hotel.

5. Remarketing

Remarketing is an activity used by Advertiser to show ads to potential clients who left the website early or without performing an action. The clients can be at any stage of purchasing advertiser can pinpoint the stage at which client is through analytics and re target them with ads of same hotel to create a recall and further increase brand awareness.

6. Get assistance from Digital Marketing agency

Hiring an expert agency is the best option if you don’t want to waste your marketing budget on running useless ads. An agency should first describe the problem and draw out a marketing funnel. The agency should have strong back end support and detailed reporting. As a renowned agency, it should provide search engine optimization services, search engine marketing, display advertising, digital listings management and other online services. This will boost the online presence of the hotels.

Wrapping it up!

These are the best marketing ideas for hotel, practice them all. You will see a significant increase in the number of customers visiting the hotel.