Marketing Strategy for IT/ITES Companies

marketing strategy for it/ites companies

We are all aware of the rapid increase in competition for attention on digital channels recently and Good marketing strategy for IT/ITES companies can give them more clients online. This has transformed the decisions of tech companies on choosing the right channels to increase their sales funnel. Today, the ability to connect and pursue a client is a big challenge for businesses in the B2B sector. It is, in fact, the sole way that can lead an IT business to its success.

Your Internal Quest as the Founder / CXO/ Marketing head of your company must be brimming with a portion of these significant inquiries on regular basis. How my SAAS/IT/ITeS company should get more Qualified Leads ? How can we maximize Returns on our marketing spends? What are the strategies that can help us make more potential clients ? How we get edge over our competition? One needs to come up with unique decisions and strategies that build your business credibility. Not just one, but a business needs to come up with a blend of strategies for their ultimate success. Here are some tips you must follow:

1.) Define your Target Market and Customer Behavior

You must know the market you are targeting. Putting efforts as a whole without realizing your targets may lower down your returns. Defining the target audience means understanding who would be benefited from your services. Also, identify how the customers in your target market behave. For example, if you’ve launched new software and sell it across various companies, identify their behavior. For instance, Giant companies may expect a bigger database in the software, while the start-ups may not require such a big space. Consequently, the giant companies may be ready to invest hugely whereas the start-up may not. Thus, the market behavior helps you modify your product, identify the price changes and sell better.

2.) Increase Organic Reach by SEO & writing valuable blogs

Good Content is the way toward making applicable and predictable substance to draw in and hold an audience and drive gainful client activity. It is very important to do SEO on most relevant keywords. SEO practices improve the user experience and usability of a web site. Users trust search engines and having a presence in the top positions for the keywords the user is searching, increases the web site’s trust as well. Blogs are also the best ways to communicate your thoughts and solutions to the issues faced by the target buyers. Use blogging as a source to spread a word about your services. Make sure you also fill up your blog posts with tips and tricks that people would love to read.

3.) Incentivise with Case Studies & Whitepapers

It’s very rare that a first-time visitor of your blog will immediately buy your product. Being one of the most effective ways to convert the traffic into leads is design the landing pages with a purpose to provide the information and collect their contact details. When more and more people come on your website then best way to get their contact details is by encouraging them with relevant industry specific case studies and whitepapers so they fill the lead form and get the incentive to fill their details.

4.) Convince them with Testimonials & Product Explainer Videos

The product or service you generate will only be sold if you can generate the required demand among the target customers. An apt way to showcase your products and services is by creating a whitepaper. You could develop product demo videos that help people understand how the presence of your product can do wonders of their company. The demo shall also explain how to use the product.

5.) Solve their Queries by answering on Quora, Reddit, Stack Overflow, etc.

There are multiple forums like Quora, Reddit, Stack Overflow, etc. where people are seeking answers to the something you may know. Answering them enhances your credibility as well as allows you to prove the relevance of your services. However, make sure you provide the questions with genuine answers with a small call-to-action to the end.

6.) Create Re-engage Strategy through Retargeting

It is easier to get back your previous customers since they are already aware of your products and services. Having a real experience of the same, they are likely to get attracted to your offers faster. Email marketing is one of the ideal ways to re-engage with clients by offering them exclusive discounts or innovations and launches.

7.) Use power of forums, groups on Facebook and LinkedIn

As discussed above, popular forums like Quora and Reddit are a great way to communicate. Similarly, always consider generating an engagement through social media posts. You could create or join relevant groups on LinkedIn and Facebook. Once posted, always address the comments of the readers and address their concerns. These small efforts definitely lead to substantial returns.

8.) Webinar Invite

When you educate your target prospects /attendees about  your offerings then it give them confidence in your SAAS/IT/Software Product. It increases productivity and your events attendance levels too. It is a good strategy to develop better conversion rates and trials. It also helps in building a good long-lasting relationship with your registrants. In case you are solving some real solutions with your IT product or Service then you should consider running normal webinars and inviting participants that center around how your product can benefit them in their business.

9.) Email Drip Campaigns

Drip campaigns or marketing automation are set of marketing emails that you can sent automatically on a schedule. if Someone Sign up or revisit your website or complete the trial or visit some important pages of your website like pricing etc then Drip campaign based on various triggers, sends a auto email to the person. It helps in nurturing the leads and very cost effective method to reengage the users at various times.

10.) Get Paid Campaign activated

Google Search or display ads are the best medium in Paid Ads. Your banner can be placed on any important news or tech blog website which is part of Google Display Network (GDN)—which has over 2 million sites and reaches over 90% of people on the Internet—your ads can appear across a large collection of websites, mobile apps, and video content. Within the vast reach, to meet advertising goals with various interest and behavior targeting, which can get your ads seen by the people most important to your business. There are various methods, we can reach out to right set of audience. i.e based on keywords and topics related to what your offer OR Specific websites or pages OR Specific audiences based on their interests, demographics, or whether they’ve visited your website before.

Let’s Start Converting

It is all about making your customer realise the importance of a product or service. As an IT/ITES company, creating engagement in various ways is the sole marketing strategy to lead your business to success. We at HO Digital can help you reach the right audience at right time. Please contact us for customize plan as per your requirements.