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There is good growth in cloud computing in the recent times. Everyday we come across many innovative ideas which are addressing the need which could take a longer time to resolve. Many Companies look for SAAS software because of “ON Demand” model and easy to install as customer need to buy only the per-as-you-go subscription and they just can use it anywhere anytime with ease.


Customer was looking for a digital marketing agency who had clarity on each stage of the buyer journey and ability to deliver value & experience during the buying process. This buying process need regular engagement because every buyer wants to try many similar product before making final decision.

Sales cycle is not long but every company before buying go for online research, watch demo, take free trial, download whitepaper or Case studies, do Comparison, then look for forums & groups to check the reviews of the product. This Entire process may take few days and then finally they buy the best.

Customer Profile

Our Customer sells software on subscription basis. They are getting good popularity as software helps many brands improve conversion rate and sales after implementing solution through SAAS platform. The license cost is $100 a month and currently they have 800+ customers. 



Customer Goal was to fill the top of the funnel with relevant traffic and then engage the visitor on every level during the buying process. Idea was to build trust and maintain high touch frequency & continuously engage and recapture attention at different digital channels.



SEO - Search Engine Optimization

Strategic SEO process as per the latest Google Webmaster guidelines improved website visibility by impacting search engines ranking in search results.

Google Ads Management

Google Ads deliver instant traffic by placing the customer at top positions on search engines. High competition also
made Google Ads most integral part of digital marketing strategy. Our certified resources completed the setup and optimization of the campaign with manual
bidding. We managed Search ads, display banners and remarketing ads.

Social Media Remarketing

We deployed pixels with the help of Google tag manager and did Remarketing on Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube. We maintain the highest touch frequency to re-engage and recapture the attention.

Market Automation

We made marketing automation workflows to improve the quality of leads before passing them to the sales. We regularly focus on open rate & click thru rate of emails & tracked the user engagement and activity i.e how much time they are spending on the website, what is their behavior on the website, what specific pages they are looking for and our they downloading any content like white paper or case studies given in the mailers through marketing automation


Detailed Research

Before starting the marketing efforts we did proper planning with the client on their ideal customer profile. We gathered lot of Information regards to personal attributes, professional priorities, concerns & choices of the ideal customer and important factors which can influence the Purchase Decision.

Data Analysis

Customer was able to track the performance based on consistent performance indicators through Google analytics to track and measure the efforts and can evaluate the performance based on data.

Best Technology Practice

Focus was to deploy best technology practice and do data driven marketing efforts. We used Google keyword planner, Moz, Spyfu and Ahrefs tools to cover backlink checking, competitor analysis, keyword research and more.

Focus Was On Quality

We focused on quality leads rather than providing quantity. Customer conversion increased and it also gives an advantage to the Sales guys to convert lead faster.


Amazing statistics were recorded during the last 12 months of the digital marketing campaign. Total traffic shot up magnificently by 700% along with average time spend and lower bounce rate on the website highlighting the improved user experience.

  • Search ranking recorded on top positions with organic traffic.
  • Total Web Traffic improved by 700%
  • Conversions went by 900%, improving month over month resulting in more leads every day.
  • Social media Engagement and traffic through Facebook, LinkedIn helped them in resulting better.
  • Due to Expert approach on manual bids, we improved the overall Positive ROI.


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