Simple ways to Search Influencers on YouTube & Instagram

2019 is going to be the year for the influential marketers. Influencers are going to bring in more sales and brand identity to your business. Every entrepreneur is willing to find out their right choice of influencers to brag their Brand. If you are even struggling to find out the right influencer, then you are on the right page.

Who are Social Influencers:

These are the people who influence the buying decision of the potential customers. For every niche, these influencers are unique. The influencers could be bloggers, product reviewer, industry experts or anyone who can be a trusted source of information for the audience.

Here are few helpful insights for your fruitful influencer search on YouTube and Instagram.

Influencer marketing Tools:

There are multiple free and freemium influencer marketing tools that are present in the market. Find out the best one from these to enhance your organic reach for your business. Few famous tools include follower wonk, Buzzsumo, TweetReach, Klout and many more. These are helpful to figure out the top influencers who are popular bloggers, podcasters, celebrities, etc.

Influencers for Instagram:

  • As Instagram is the visual platform, try to search for the influencers whose feed resembles the interests of your target audience.
  • The influencer must be ready to build a community or connectivity with his followers. Search for these interactive personalities who are eager engage with audience.
  • Get the influencers who are honest in posting the authentic photos or posts which connect with the audience, rather than over editing or using many filters.
  • These influencers must be of proper niche and they should be engaging the audience consistently. It is only then the potential customers think about your brand or hiring your services.

Use Linkedin: You can also use LinkedIn as it is no more a boring platform of just sharing resumes to find your influencers. In fact, this is helpful to find out who your influencers are. These people must be expert in their niche and related to your services. It is only then your audience will have a connect with them.

Influencers for Youtube:

Among every other social platform, the shelf life for the YouTube content is more. So, the influencer’s videos will bring you more organic reach for a very long time, besides great engagement.

  • Try to get the influencers for your video that has a distinct style with a sense of humor. It is the fun and the authentic content that brings in more leads.
  • Audience are willing to stick around only when the influencer posts content regularly.
  • The influencers must be able to product videos that are pleasant with ample lighting and great audio.
  • Also think of brand relevance which you are deciding on an influencer for your brand.

Realm of Nano Influencers: Now there is a trend for Nano influencers as well. These are the people who have less than 5k followers. Customers feel the trust and genuinely in these sorts of reviews.

All these are the ways in which brands are figuring out to get their influencers. Figure out which channel works well for you and unleash your league of audience for your brand.