Small Business Loan Company

case Study

Client Details

Most small businesses struggle to get a timely loan to grow. Our Client who is into Small Business Loan are committed to change it. They offer a technology platform creating easy loan origination, and leverage segment understanding to create risk models. This brings multiple partners and lenders to fill the credit gap, helping small businesses access unsecured business loans, through a quick and simple process. They have tailored loans for Travel, Hotel, e-Commerce, Restaurant, Trading and Retail businesses.

Brief From Client

In the meeting, they have given us one goal of Improving the web traffic and organic visibility of their name for each keyword. By improving the web traffic, they intent to grow with more relevant leads also. 


  • Most competitive category because all banks compete with them.
  • Improve relevant traffic from organic search.

  • Improve ranking for main keywords.

  • Increase sign-ups/leads flow.

  • Build awareness about business loans.

Solutions Offered

  • Develop an integrated site-wide keyword strategy.

  • Uncovering user intent and organizing the site’s content.
  • Create URL strategy to take advantage of established value.
  • Remove and merge sections of the old website to support keyword strategy.
  • Post website launch, SEO monitoring to fix issues.
  • Long-tail keyword research.
  • Website structure refinement.
  • Off page Optimization & link Building.
  • Creating Content Topic Clusters.



  • Site architecture and content development is key to improving visitor experience and SEO.

  • A URL strategy can help with SEO, user experience, and boost current marketing incentives.

  • Long-tail keywords have amazing benefits including increased search volume, higher click-through-rate, higher conversion rate, easier and quicker ranking.

  • We’ve all heard mobile is the ‘next big thing’ and it is here to stay, so it’s no big secret that website owners need to think about mobile users as well.
  • Structuring a website is indeed a crucial element of SEO as it helps to generate more traffic and receive more internal links.
  • Performing a technical audit improves the overall growth of a website. It is done to make a website flawless and more search engine friendly.
  • Content outreach and off page optimization ensures direct visibility of your content and developing valuable relationship in the process.

  • Constant flow of fresh content keeps your community engaged, more indexing, and helps the website to rank well in search engines

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