The rise of new celebrities : Social media influencer

social media influencer

social media influencer

Everyone is talking about Social Media’s latest obsession and trend Priya Prakash Varrier. Social Media Platforms are flooded with comments, share and likes for this wink girl. She has broken many records and her Instagram account is growing with 2.9 million followers and more. This 19 year old girl is a new celebrity but why we are talking about her because she is not the only one who has become a celebrity on social media, we have lot of people who has thousands or lacs of followers. They all are celebrities and we can also call them social media influencer.

Influencer Marketing

Social media platforms delved deep into our day to day lives and we draw inspiration from these celebrities and influencers of the world in many ways. They can influence and inspire followers on many product which brands want to market i.e Clothes, food items, electronic gadgets etc. The consumer behavior and this millennial generation’s shopping patterns are tremendously changing.

The trend of Social media and influencer marketing is on raise. Every business is trying to form an authentic relationship with the social influencers and the celebrities to spread their brand message. They promote message with the help of messages, pictures, videos and blogs on their social media accounts i.e instagram, twitter and YouTube channels. 

How Influencer Acts

When an Influencer endorses a brand, then brand get more benefits besides just reaching the target audience. Both the luxury brands and startup companies are trying to have an authentic voice which could influence the purchasing behavior. So, every global icon is considered as the influencer regardless their social following numbers.

Influencers who are experts in certain fields boosts the business sales with word of mouth advertising. For example: People of all ages and even the child can be convinced to drink milk showing the Boost product add looking at the energy levels of Sachin Tendulkar (Celebrity Endosing Boost – the energy Drink) This is how their fame and experience helps a brand to reach its target community.

Getting the right social media influencer is the vital step in marketing as the consumers are trying to follow and want to be like them by using the products which they endorse. These new casual endorsements are trusted by the consumers and so brands are spending good amount on this golden form of marketing. Irrespective of the competition, business of every niche and size thrive these days on the economy of trust.

Important tips for Influencer Marketing

1. Instead of getting starstruck, always find the right celebrity where your customers are aware of and who fits according to your product target audiences.

2. The consistency and credibility of these social media influencer must be considered on a serious note. As this helps the audience to build trust on the brand gradually.

3. The commitment of the influencer for the brand should be clear and rigid, as the customers always have an eye on them and customer dislike or feel cheated if the same influencer acknowledges other competitor products.

4. Make sure that the ad or creative idea which you are making must be as smart and attractive as the influencer. Only then, the campaign will be successful and open-up challenging sales in a short time.

5. Even go for micro-influencer who has 5000 followers. Select them with utmost attention so as not to lose the authenticity and curation. 

Good Influencer Marketing Platforms in India

Customers also believe in the quality of the products when they find that a familiar face endorsing it. So, start searching for a new celebrity who fits your niche. Make use of social media influencer to spring out emotion in the customers. Enjoy a demographic rise in your business.