Right time to focus on social media search

social media search

social media searchSocial media Search is a new term. Every customer want to rank website on first page of google.

Every Brand has an ultimate goal, It is to increase the traffic and then move website traffic to desired goal like conversions etc.

Website Ranking on first page position is obviously a reason why they pay us for SEO. Now it is time to start Social media Search optimization as well.  Let’s see what should you know about social media SEO.

Just one second on the internet

One second doesn’t seem like much in the real world, but if you check live data on Internetlivestats which shows exactly how much activity is happening around the globe –down to the second. You will be surprised

Every second more than 60,000 Google searchers are conducted, 69000 Youtube videos are viewed, 8,000 Tweets are shared and more than 800 photos added to instagram.

Digital asset is not Just website

Social media accounts are now new digital assets. People follow, like, recommend, interact and engage with your brand regularly. As search grows so do the competitiveness. Pressure on making brand keywords visible on first page is important, if social media accounts also appear on first page to drive traffic then treat this achievement.

SEO is not limited to google now. if you notice, there are other changes appearing nowadays, people use social media channels to find what they’re looking for. Social media search is growing and you need to optimize your social media accounts too based on keywords to get ranking in new social media searches too.


Time to expand towards Social media search

Companies should expand their concept of SEO to include not just the google but also social media search engines. If someone wants to check a service, they’re likely to open Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn and do a quick search to see which company is dealing with what domain. Even people regularly search company or brand & Employee directly on social media to check what kind of presence they have on each channel. You need to regularly put beautiful visual content on Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram by using hashtags and properly categorize relevent keywords because it can benefit with good traffic.

Ensure Strategy for Social media SEO

You must have already understood that it is the right time to ensure that you have official identify as social profiles on these social platforms. Try to present on relevant social media search keywords smartly. Reach your customers as per their convenience. Address their requirements thru content in form of infographics, context or video.  Make sure people should discover you thru right keywords, content on company page.  Clearly label each social account so that users understand what purpose they serve.

We can talk to us. we can help you setup a integrated approach to search and social media. connect on our website to reach us.