Why we don’t advice Organic Social Media Strategy for Brand’s Growth

social media strategy

social media strategy

Are you planning high lift in brand thru Social media Strategy without spending any money ? it’s a complete waste. We need to agree that social reach is limited when we organically post anything on social media platforms. This discussion is quite popular among the marketers and many feel that organic social Reach is dead. 

It is a point of worry because it takes good amount of time to create Social post and there are lot of efforts which goes in planning & creation of different type of unique & new content i.e videos, Images or Stories. Social Media Strategy need a change along with time Now. 

Let’s take a look at all the Social Media Platforms to change your mind

Facebook :

When a brand post something on their brand page then it don’t get good results as it use to get earlier. Fans on every page has increased but they don’t get a reach more than 2 to 5% of total fans organically. it does not matter if you have good number of page followers or not. Facebook show relevant content to some people and if any follower who has not done any likes, comment & share on your post previously then FB will not show update to them.

You also need good number immediate engagement i.e shares and likes when post go live, it shows that people are liking the content and then FB will try to show that post to next 5% people. It is unrealistic to say that all the audience will start sharing and liking the post as soon as it go live. Organically You will not even reach out to your own followers.

Twitter :

Twitter reach is also limited to number of followers and based on the hashtags. Twitter is little different from other social media platforms. Although it has increased to 280 characters now but followers may miss your update as many tweets reach immediately & attention span is very low of the users to notice your update.  To show your tweets to your own followers you need more frequency in tweets.

Twitter is also becoming a major platform for customer service and users engage for complaints regarding the brands. Reaching out to the growing new target audience for brand awareness is quite Limited organically.

Instagram :

Instagram show your post to new users also who don’t follow your brand. It’s a growing platform so Instagram engage them for better time spend and comfort. According to Kevin Systrom, CEO of Instagram recently, 70% of people will miss the post because of changes in algorithm. Now it will show post based on user’s interest & preferences (hashtags and content preference).

As it is owned by Facebook so when engagement & content will grow on Instagram then it is clearly expected the same restriction of 2 to 5% people will come on this platform too. The viral element is still limited and organically you may not reach out to many people. 

Linkedin :

Linkedin will give advantage to your organic post when people will click on your post. You post will reach out to to more people based on follower’s Response.  So it depends on the Quality of the post and number of people who follow your page. Viral element is Limited.

Mix Paid Ads in Social Media Strategy for Growth

Social is actually a right platform to market any product. You can get solution for all objectives like brand awareness, increasing sales or nurturing any leads.  ⅓ of India’s Population is having a social media account now and almost everyone from different age group is active everyday on social media. As per a report, In India,  Average time spent by a user on Facebook has grown to almost 2 hours a day.  

with so much Self Generated Social data from users, it is really valuable for marketers. Users give their own preferences and share everything important on social media,  from news, life events to any new information i.e what we shop, where we travel, what we wear, what we eat to where we work now. Defining the target audience, Setting the Right Objective to giving your message  is very easy, also accuracy is quite high. 

Organically, we have lot of limitations so what we suggest all our customers, a mix of Organic Post and paid Ads both.  It is very important to engage with the people who are connected with your brand but if you are planning to outreach the target audience for brand awareness or new sales then invest in Paid Campaigns and easily you will able to achieve both.

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Linkedin are highly promoting their Paid Ads and its is Right time to reach Right Target Audience by spending money at platform where they spend their time. 

Re-Engagement with old Data of CRM

With paid social media marketing, you can also re-engage past customers and prospects on social media.  Wondering how to use remarketing to deliver behavior-based messaging to specific audiences, we can help you create customer audience and lookalike audiences.  We can build successful remarketing funnels on social media to reengage & deliver right message at right time.

You will never listen anyone saying “My customers are not on social media”  but question which we get regularly is “how to get more business by doing social media post daily i.e organic social media strategy”.

We only would like to advice that look for the logic not just the false belief Or Past trend.  Move with time to Win your customers who are waiting for you on social media.