4 Tips to Create Successful Lead Nurturing Campaigns

successful lead nurturing campaigns

create successful lead nurturing campaignsLead nurturing is an essential bit of marketing. It is a process to build trust and generate value among buyers at every level of sales. Besides marketing, it is about effective communication and listening to the client prospects. Instead of selling directly, lead nurture campaigns build relevance in the mind of the customer as to why the brand is a huge gain for him. It further helps them explore the brand well. On the other hand, it benefits the company to develop reliable services as well as retain customers for an extended period. So let’s check

how to create successful lead nurturing campaigns

Tip 1: Make Segmentation of the Buyers Correctly

It’s often easy to plan but challenging to implement the plan. There are different strategies a business uses to generate sales for various target customers. Every strategy has a goal with well-defined objectives. For example, if you focus on a new set of target audience, it is important to educate the audience about why should they choose your brand. If it is the target audience who already know about the company, the aim should be to create engagement and establish relevance. So right Segmentation will help you create different plan for them.

Tip 2: Nurture leads by building engagement at different channels

Email is still the best medium to create engagement. Welcome campaigns, re-engagement campaigns, priority building campaigns are the things which we can do to improve engagement. The users mostly read the welcome emails. When it comes to the new set of customers, it is great to send welcome emails. However, these set of emails should be pretty informative and attractive. Instead of flooding the audience with excess and sophisticated content, keep them in aware of your offerings.

Along with Emails, you can also get active over the social media remarketing, Banner Ads Remarketing and dynamic web content so the customers should remember you even when you’ve not been able to serve them with their requirements. It is a technique to create a priority of your brand among customers. They may ignore emails, but they’re definitely not ignoring their social media accounts.

Keep running these nurturing campaigns when you find most of your customers getting inactive for a period of time. The goal here is to re-active them and ensure that they will re-enter your sales. It is time to re-engage them with some new information, offers and a cool piece of interactive content.

Tip 3: Educate them along their buyer’s journey with what they need

Keep providing them content through blogs, info-graphics, news, videos which should help them in their buying process. Do overdose because they may not considering the sales immediately but they don’t mind keep getting information softly. The media can make them aware about how your services differentiate from others. You can build product focused campaigns about a new product or a campaign to differentiate your products from your competitors when it comes to educating the audience. The former is suitable when you want to promote or launch a new product while the latter in situations of heavy competition. The company ought to create an awareness of how their products are worth differentiating from their competitors. You can actually communicate your priorities of your projections through these campaigns.

Tip 4: Measure & Analyse Data to get better Idea

Data is the key to decide whether the lead nurturing campaigns working for you or not. It will also give you that knowledge to make regular improvements.  There are many metrics like Click thru rate (CTR), Conversion Rate, Time to convert and Cost per Conversion which we should monitor to check the response from the buyers. The Ultimate goal is to generate marketing qualified leads (MQLs) with your lead nurturing. Once you know that the metrics are right then it is fine but if you see challenge in any of these things then you need to modify & revamp content, process and channel you’re using for that list segment. It is continuous process which will keep generating more leads and customers for you. Keep a close eye to the goals and study the metrics to improve further.

Final words

Lead nurture campaigns are important to any business sales strategy. Without lead nurtures, a company may lose good amount of leads which are not immediate sales ready. A business requires focusing on new as well as existing leads to create successful funnel. Let us know if you need any further information.  HO Digital is a b2b digital marketing agency based in gurgaon who can help in setting up successful lead nurturing campaigns.