The Rise of Social Intelligence

social intelligence

social intelligenceMicrosoft has recently completed acquisition of LinkedIn – Biggest Professional Social Network Platform and The Price Tag was not small. If you add the Yearly Revenue of India’s Biggest IT companies i.e Infosys, Wipro and HCL then it is near to that amount.  At $26.2 Billion, it is the largest acquisition ever.

Now do you think, Linkedin is worth this much. Yes, Linkedin knows what Microsoft can use everywhere. Microsoft will know customers better than ever before now. They already know your calendar (Outlook), your meetings (Outlook), your coworkers (Outlook), your accounts (Microsoft Dynamics CRM), little bit of Infrastructure (Azure) and some of your expertise (department). LinkedIn is Facebook for the Professional World. It is the place where 433 million professionals come share, discuss, do business and more. Now with Linkedin, Microsoft will mix this with your profile, skills, recommendations and connections. Microsoft can pipe in this data into their machine learning (AI) process and can do wonders in the near time. They can help u in connecting and acting better in more meaningful way thru their products skype, office 365 etc.

On the Other Side, take example of Facebook, With over 800 million users logging on and generating massive amounts of unstructured data every day. Facebook process this data in AI to provide a more personalized experience for the user. Facebook continues to develop programs that can make it easier for users to discover other users, pages and content that’ll be of interest to them.

Every person has two profiles, one is professional and other is personal. We all use Youtube, Twitter, Instagram, Whatsapp Or other social media platforms every day.  We know that people trust recommendations from their friends and peers in both profiles.  Social content is increasingly being used at professional Or personal Level to find information and purchase products.

what is happening and what is about to happen in this world is full of enjoyment with social over all.  With this increase in social intelligence and understanding of our interests and feelings,  We can expect the New social world to be smarter for sure.