Top Digital Marketing Trends in 2018

Digital Marketing trends

2018 is sure to be a big year full of advancement in Digital Marketing. Let’s take a moment and look ahead to see the Digital Marketing trends that will rule in 2018.

  1. Sponsored Instagram Stories

Sponsored Instagram Stories are effective in the form of ad unit in the Stories. Adverts within stories are full screen and fully immersive vertical ads. Earlier, the brand would only able to optimize the campaign but now it is able to Create campaign with different options to get website clicks, website conversion and mobile app download. Metrics such as impressions, exits, replies and reach from the stories are available to track with the standard reporting tools.

  1. Facebook Vertical Video

Facebook shows vertical video ad keeping in mind that it is highly visible on mobile devices. This helps to target the larger audience as people are very active on mobile. As a result, there are more views on the ad and thus more engagement and conversions.

  1. YouTube Live Streaming

This is one of the important Digital Marketing Trends in 2018. Brands are focusing on video marketing strategy with the live streaming on YouTube. There are numerous benefits of YouTube Live Streaming. First, are live events can be taken in real time. The second one there is a lot of engagement as when more people watch the video together is far better than they watch on their own time. The third benefit is there is live monitoring as people are receiving the message in real time, there is a chance to change the recording based on their reactions.

  1. LinkedIn Native Video Ads

For the last 2 years, social sites such as Twitter, Facebook and Snapchat are successful in having the video content for the users. LinkedIn provides the native video ad feature to the 500 users who are Influencers out of 433 million registered users. Videos have the time limit of 30 seconds and limited to LinkedIn desktop and not on the LinkedIn mobile app. LinkedIn doesn’t use the algorithm like Facebook to boost the ads higher in people’s feeds than other kinds of posts.

  1. Optimize for Mobile and Voice Search in SEO

It is important to optimize the website for SEO. Try to appear in the knowledge graph as there is more chance to get good click-through rates and improve the visibility of the site in search engines. Voice Search is getting a lot of popularity so optimize the web pages for the long tail keywords to provide the answer to the specific queries. Optimize the site for accelerated mobile pages to appear higher in search results with mobile first indexing update.

  1. Facebook Messenger Ads

Facebook Messenger ads are effective whether you are interacting with long-term or new customers. They are one of the most versatile channels. Encourage people to communicate with your brand in the messenger and deliver good results. The ads help you to increase the awareness about new products and services and enable the transactions.

Wrapping it up!

These are some of the digital marketing trends in 2018 and the changes are happening at war scale level to get more insightful data to target the consumer in a better manner. Stay Updated on this blog as we inform new trends as and when they arrive.