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Hospitality and tourism is one of the growing vertical. Customer was interested in capturing the attention of the users with the help of digital marketing techniques. They were interested in reaching out to frequent business travelers, family and friends who were planning to go on a vacation.


Travel agencies are witnessing a spike in bookings on every weekend there are frequent Travelers who are go on breaks on shorter holidays. On the other side, Many People are exploring International destinations as well.

Internet is best source of information for the travelers. Before going on a trip most people search the place where they are about to visit, as a result planning any trip become easy with the help of websites giving information about the destination points. It is also common trend that people before booking the flight, train or bus ticket, search for the lowest possible price on Google. 

Customer Profile

Our customer is a leading Company in online travel and ticket booking operators in India. They are offering lowest ticket price, Great deals, exclusive discounts and the delightful customer friendly experience to more than 2 Lac  customers annually. 



They wanted a balance between paid and organic traffic to achieve the best results in lowest possible cost. They also wanted to build relationships with prospective customers by offering them high-quality content. 



Travel Blog - Content Marketing

We offered marketing through valuable, relevant & consistent content to target audiences and drive customer action. We bring visitors by earning their attention thru interesting and valuable content. 

SEO - Search Engine Optimization

Strategic SEO process as per the latest Google Webmaster guidelines improved website visibility by impacting search engines ranking in search results.

Google Ads Management

Google Ads deliver instant traffic by placing you at top positions on search engines. High competition also made Google Ads most integral part of digital marketing strategy. Our certified resources completed the setup and optimization of the campaign with manual bidding. We managed Search ads, display banners and remarketing ads. 


Detailed Research

Before starting the marketing efforts we did proper planning with the client on their ideal customer profile.  We gathered lot of Information regards to personal attributes, professional priorities, concerns & choices of the ideal customer and important factors which can influence the Purchase Decision.

Data Analysis

Customer was able to track the performance based on consistent performance indicators through Google analytics to track and measure the efforts and can evaluate the performance based on data. 

Best Technology Practice

Focus was to deploy best technology practice and do data driven marketing efforts. We used Google keyword planner, Moz, Spyfu and Ahrefs tools to cover backlink checking, competitor analysis, keyword research and more. 


Traffic improved by 900%, Conversions by 1200%

Amazing statistics were recorded during the last 12 months of the digital marketing campaign:

  • Total traffic shot up magnificently by 900% including 600% more page views highlighting the improved user experience.
  • Conversions went up by 1,200% in a period of 3 months, improving month over month resulting in 5000 more leads during the 12 months duration.
  • Search rankings were recorded on top positions along with organic traffic. Non-paid organic shot up by 1,844% & leads recording a northward growth of 1,281%.
  • Social media campaigns also paid very well resulting in 2,912% more traffic through social referrals & incremental 843% leads.


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