Why it is important to keep a Watch on Ad Frauds?

We are witnessing the changes in advertising technology and how business can increase their customer ROI with it. But ad fraud is bringing the entire industry many billions loss. It is high time for the advertisers to come up with the right strategy and help themselves against fraudsters.

There is a serious threat prone to brand safety, optimization and performance, viewability of the brand.

Problems with Ad Frauds:

The following are the problems in which one must keep a watch while they are into display ad campaigns:

1) Lack of Performance: There are many businesses that complain that they have zero conversions even though there are many clicks or visits through third-party platforms. There will not be much performance in the conversions, sales or in any other business outcome.

Watch out if the platforms you choose for advertising have a proven track record of their results. Validate the process by using case studies, white papers, and genuine reviews.

2) Poor Analytics: Compare the results with another channel to get the best results. Check out for the high bounce rates, and short session durations. If you find that the same ad is giving out different signs from various platforms, then it is time to be fishy. Always believe in real human behavior.

3) Consider Using the IP Addresses: There are many companies that are paying an unnecessary amount to their agency or the ad-buying platform. But before paying them to ensure the IP addresses of the ad clickers. If you feel that these clickers are from the hosted server, then there are chances to get the fund return. Try to give the proof to the agency or the platform you are associated with, whenever you find the IP address other than from a residential or corporate IP address.

Never Get Happy with High CTRs:

Yes, having high bounce rates with no performance and that too in a very short duration is really a suspicious thing. Don’t entertain the unrealistic click-through rates as these are going to cost you besides giving absolutely no results.

Check your campaign Reports:

You must check for the presence of long-tail site placements in the campaign reports. There shouldn’t be any sort of unrecognizable sites in your sire level reporting. Usually, the human visitors or the genuine visitors will be going to the recognizable publishers. Ensure that you are auditing your site-level reporting.

Don’t just spy all the long-tail publishers, rather investigate on them to reveal some tricky frauds. To avoid all these, try to target only premium lists which might help you from exposing to fraud.

When it comes to ads, be clear with the campaign specifications like target audience, budget, CTR and every other metric. Spare time for the manual monitoring so that you will never give scope to the bad traffic or to the scammers. This is the best way to achieve your business goals very fast. Demand transparency from the tech ad tech provider. Keeping an eye on all these Ad frauds helps you to perform, save your brand identity without spending unnecessarily.