Best Magento hosting Service Provider 2020: MilesWeb Worth It?

 Thinking about selecting a web hosting provider, it is important to consider it as a part of the overall picture. For example, evaluate such elements as your caching strategy, current traffic volume, expected throughput and anticipated growth rate.

Magento is an ecommerce platform which includes a wide range of features created on open source technology that provides the online merchants flexibility and proper control over the content. 

Magento hosting is best one for an Ecommerce store than MilesWeb is the fantastic choice you can make over as they offer class and wide features to the customers for Magento hosting.

But don’t worry MilesWeb Magento hosting India helps your Magento store to have a great speed. Since people are more interested in shopping online, no one is ready to wait and find several alternatives online. Even you might be shopping online, so do you like waiting? No, right! Let’s come to the point. In case you own a Magento store and it takes longer time to load, surely it will affect your traffic and conversion which restricting your growth so make sure you choose the best hosting which provides magento services up to the mark.

MilesWeb Magento hosting provides companies with a complete ecommerce solution. Best Magento hosting plan which makes your e-commerce site much faster and secured.

By deploying LiteMage on your Magento website, you can experience the superior website speed. It is also a solution to the slow loading of webpage’s during high traffic spikes. The enhanced tag-based cache management system ensures that your Magento store’s pages are served immediately when requested without any interruption.

They offer M1 which is 7 Days free trial.

They provide Magento Specific Caching which is also important to store the information of every new visior .

1) It Loads Pages Quickly –

It reduces page load time by collecting the full-page content by combining all the received responses. It also removes the chances of creating an individual request for retrieving each block separately, this, in turn, improves the Magento page load speed.

2) It Consumes Less Memory –

LiteMage uses minimum compute to server content because it is deployed on the server-side and uses the ESI mechanism.   


  • Extremely Cheap
  • Easy payment options
  • Support 24×7
  • Free domain and Free Migration
  • Cheap Managed hosting
  • Choosing Best Magento Hosting Provider
  • Check the requirements of your website
  • Check the support
  • Types of hosting required
  • Website  security
  • Magento compatibility

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 Magento features that includes are –

Optimized Server

Magento’s power and extensive features make it resource intensive and meaningful. MilesWeb servers are optimized properly to ensure the swift and efficient functioning of your website. Free Magento Installation.  Magento is free to install and you can install it as many times as you wish and you won’t be charged anything extra for it. MilesWeb guides you and helps your eCommerce business grow. They also help you with database related issues which is good for your business.

Magento Consultancy

Enjoy your Magento hosting solutions for great performance and speed. MilesWeb vps hosting India is comprehensive and dynamic web hosting company which offers web hosting services to their client. MilesWeb aims to deliver the best to the customers at fair prices.
 MilesWeb offers distinct Magento hosting services which include Redis Backend & Session Cache, Cloudfare CDN + Railway Free, Optimized server, Free Magento Installation Magento consultancy. You’re unbound to select your preferred Magento Plan.


MilesWeb Magento hosting solution solves all your worries. Whether you are a beginner or pro in the industry, they have a plan and services to address all your needs.  You get their service at a cheap rate as compared to other hosting companies are considered. Today’s E-Commerce demand has been rising so is the demand for Magento hosting increased In terms of support services and pricing MilesWeb is the best  Magento hosting provider. Choosing the right hosting is quite challenging which is crucial for success. Even you get money back guarantee feature with MilesWeb hosting,if you are not satisfied with their services. Get the best Magento hosting with MilesWeb and boost your eCommerce business.