Vital Social Media Strategy for Jewelry brand

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Social Media Strategy for Jewelry

Initial Start to Social Media Strategy for Jewelry business

The social media is growing and changing every second. What does it mean for your jewelry brand? Is it quite worth making an investment in this sprawling and time-consuming endeavor? The answer is of course yes. Just like no one can question the necessity of having a business website in today’s time, in the same way, the social media presence is also equally relevant. In fact, it is one of the most effective brand building tools which enables the businesses to connect directly to the existing as well as the prospective customers too. When social media activity is done in a proper manner, it helps in developing community, increase exposure and also increases the traffic to your jewelry brand’s website.

Let’s check out few of the social media strategy for Jewelry brand promotion

1. Choose social media platforms

Since there are many social media platforms, you have to decide upon the list that you are going to choose for marketing your jewelry business. Instead of marketing your brand on all social media channels, it is better to select two or three of them that you think will generate the most activity. Instagram is the good platform to showcase new designs and new collections and same time, facebook is good to show offers, events and news.

2. Engage & Update Regularly

It is extremely crucial for you to freshen up all your pages on the social media channels on regular basis. The cover pages will facilitate you to define the aesthetics of your brand and also showcase all your latest designs as well as the new collections.

3. Put social media links everywhere

Add your social media links on your company’s website. Also, you can display the links on the email signatures, business cards along with the magazine advertisements. This means you should put the links on all the marketing material.

4. Be authentic

A research organization has found that almost 71 % of consumers stop following a brand because they got embarrassed or might get turned off by the jargon.  For example, if your jewelry business focuses on the traditional values, then you can share this on the social media.

5. Communicate your customer stories

You can highlight the stories of your clients in order to strengthen the story of your jewelry brand. You can post the images and captions that your customers are actually sharing the products. This will be uncovering a trove of the extremely powerful marketing as well as the promotional assets. Devote a space on your company’s website to share the stories of the weddings, anniversaries and other events.

6. Collaborate with influencer

This is one of the amazing ways to market any of the brands. You can collaborate with the influencers and this is working as a boon for the marketing industry in today’s time. It will help you to reach your brand to the masses and educate them about your brand in an easy yet simplistic manner. People are very cautious about choosing the jewelry brand and they don’t trust anyone easily. So influencer will be greatly influencing the perception of the people about your jewelry brand.

7. Promote and boost your Post with Paid Ads

You can boost any post you share from your News Feed, timeline or Page, including status updates, photos, videos, questions and offers with even small amount. It will help you reach more people who may be interested in buying new jewelry. You can also reach and target audience based on their behaviour. If someone is getting married and you would like to promote your new collection to only those brides then you can choose the audience.